India wins in UK on Nizam funds for India

India wins in UK on Nizam The Nizam Nawab of Hyderabad will owe 3.5 crore pounds.

London, Oct 2 (IANS)

India wins in UK on Nizam About Rs 307 crore to his heirs in a deposit at Nat West Bank in London, a London court on Wednesday said. 

– 307 crores should go to the Government of India and Nizam’s successors

– Decide who should take the money

– London court ruling in a 70-year case

– Disrupt Pakistan for decades 

Pakistan has suffered a seven-decade lawsuit for these funds. 

Justice Marcus Smith, Judge of the Royal Courts of Justice in London, issued the verdict and the funds belong to the 7th Nizam (Mir Osman Ali Khan).

The princes claiming to be the descendants of the 7th Nizam, only India has the right to receive that money. 

It is left to those who can get the money on both sides. The court dismissed Pakistan’s claim that India was trying to obtain the funds illegally.

Pak argued that the Indian government had illegally occupied the Hyderabad establishment so that India and the Nizam’s descendants would be deprived of that funds. 

India said the fund case had nothing to do with the merger of the Hyderabad establishment in India. 

The judge agreed with India’s argument. In 1948, the Nizam Nawab Osman Ali Khan transferred 10,07,940 pounds (about Rs. 8.9 crores) from his bank account in the name of the High Commissioner of Pakistan to Britain. 

That money has now been combined with interest to the tune of £ 3.5 billion.

Nizam’s descendants Prince Mukarram Jah and his younger brother Muffakham Jah joined hands with the Government of India, claiming that the money belonged to them. 

Pakistan claims that the money deposited in the name of their high commissioner is theirs. 

When the Nizam of India invaded the Hyderabad state in 1948, the Pakistani government claimed that it had paid for it by supplying arms to protect themselves. 

The 8th Nizam (Mukarram Jah) and his brother have been waiting for decades for the money that their great-grandfather left behind as a gift to them. 

But Pakistan has been blocking them for the past 70 years. But the court recognized the 8th Nizam on those funds as the claimant. 

My client (Mukarram Jah) was still a child when this conflict started. He is now 80 years old. 

Paul Hewitt, a lawyer who has appeared on behalf of the Nizam’s heirs, said the case was resolved while he was alive. 

The government of India and the President of India are also among the respondents in the case which took place between the Pakistani High Commissioner in Britain and seven others including the Nizam’s descendants.

The problem with the Nizam’s The Nizam faced the illusion of staying in India or partying with Pakistan during the partition of the country. 

When the Government of India invaded the Nizam of Hyderabad, Pakistan claimed that they had supplied arms to the Nizam of Nizam. 

Nizam Nawab transferred 10,07,940 pounds from his fund at NatWest Bank in 1948 to the account of Pakistan’s High Commissioner to Pakistan Habib Ibrahim Rahimullah. 

Even Rahimatullah accepted this in writing. “I agree to save the money you have stated in my name.” But nowhere is the mention of weapons mentioned by Pak. 

However, the Nizam Nawab is reportedly asking the bank to return the funds transferred to the Pakistani High Commissioner. 

NatWest Bank froze those funds as the controversy went to court. The case, which has taken many turns in the British courts, has finally been settled.

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