A man with half beard and moustache to save forest

A man with half beard and moustache who wanders to save the forest. Plead for protection. The man with half beard and moustache comes out every day. 

People see him and laugh at everything. Mocking But very few people know that he did so for our sake.


  • Stanton Cook of Australia toured the country with his moustache and beard.
  • Half of the earth’s forests are extinct, and the message is that we are responsible for protecting them.
  • He is raising funds for the conservation of livestock with the Rainforest Movement.

A man wanders the streets with half a beard and half a moustache. Some are shocked to see him. Others are laughing. Some are making fun of it. 

However, he does not change his style. Because it’s not a job he’s doing for his selfishness. Mankind’s attempt to survive.

Amazonian forests, which provide 25 per cent oxygen to the earth, have recently been exposed to fire. 

When the Brazilian government lifted its hands to prevent the fire, environmentalists around the world raised their voice. 

However, Stanton Cook of Australia started the Rainforest movement from 2011 onwards.

His Stanton has changed form since last year. He wanders the streets of Australia, halving his moustache and beard. 

He begs the community to protect the forests. Upon seeing him, many thought the new still emo. 

Someone else got mad at him. After admiring the original, he was admired. Glad that he is doing the least we can do.

Stanton Cook
Image source Instagram

It is known that forests are being cut down in the name of development. This has already resulted in 50% of the forests on the land being extinct. 

Everything else is being destroyed by the fire

Stanton went to South Africa in 2011 and was shocked to see the forests that once seemed so green were completely destroyed. 

He felt that destroying the forests for our selfishness was not meaningful. Since then, Stanton has felt obligated to do something to protect the forest. 

Part of this was drawing his moustache and beard in half. People would question him as he roamed the streets in that form. 

Because they are asking that the moustache and beard are half grown. Stanton replied to the situation. 

Already half the forests are extinct. He says that humanity is under threat if it is not awakened. Stanton also collects donations specifically for the conservation of forests. 

The remaining 98.8 per cent of the proceeds will be donated to the Rainforest Trust, the Saving Indigenous Land landmark, which is fighting for the conservation of Amazon forests. 

His attempt at watching! Not just Amazon. Due to the decision of the central government, the Nallamala forests in the Telugu states are also under threat. 

And if the man who is fighting Stanton in the Save Nallamalai movement. There may be a result. What do you think about this?

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