Adulteration of milk, Court sends man to 6 months of jail

The 24-year-old case now comes to conclusion.

Adulteration of milk Sold by a man called Raj Kumar on November 1995. The then Government Analyst concluded that food adulteration was not up to the standards of the law.

Milk is highly adulterated in the products we buy. Some people make similar mistakes with the intention they think that no one will notice if they add water to milk. 

Raj Kumar, a dairy trader from Uttar Pradesh, thought so too. He added to water in milk. The event in 1995. Some have objected to this milk. 

The case was that the adulterated milk was being sold. The then Government Analyst on this. Milk tested. Fat in milk is 4.6 per cent. 

Adulteration of milk

Milk Solid Non-Fat (MSNF) is 7.7 per cent. In fact, according to the Food Addiction Control Act, it should be 8.5 per cent. 

Raj Kumar was found guilty by a trial court. The judgment was upheld by the Sessions Court and the High Court. 

Finally, the Supreme Court upheld the judgment of the following courts. The resulting offence is punishable 24 years later.

Raj Kumar did nothing wrong, without immediately checking the milk. 

Lawyers of his generation have argued that late testing has resulted in poor quality. If there is a slight difference in quality. 

He said he could not see it in grey. He also said that food and buffalo health should be taken into account. 

Since the incident has turned 24, the Supreme Court has been asked to take the matter lightly.

Supreme Court bicameral. Lawyer’s arguments on behalf of Doshi have been dismissed. 

Once the law sets the standard. It is clear that someone should follow them. Anything less than standards. 

Slightly reduced. It concluded that there was no compromise. Raj Kumar was sentenced to six months in jail.

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