Terrorists may attack India. America is concerned

America is concerned about terrorists may attack India, After the repeal of Article 370.

America is concerned about Pakistani terrorists may attack India. America is concerned After the repeal of Article 370, the top state.

which expressed concern over the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, recently requested that the US remove its sanctions as soon as possible.

The US has said that many countries are concerned that terrorists could attack India after the special status of Jammu and Kashmir was abolished. 

The decision on Kashmir has raised concerns that Pakistan is contributing to militant elements operating across borders. 

However, Randall Shriver, Minister of State for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs, said that he did not think China would support such actions. 

Asked whether China would support Pakistan’s claims after the repeal of Article 370 and 35, which gives India exclusive rights to Kashmir, Shriver said he hoped it would support diplomacy and politics.

He said Pakistan supports the international forums and has referred to the Kashmir issue at the United Nations. 

He said China has a long-standing relationship with Pakistan and is growing in competition with India.

However, Shriver said India was seeking relations with China. “I am aware of India’s policy on relations with China. 

I have spoken to Foreign Minister Jayashankar. The country is seeking better relations with its neighbours. I think China is leaning towards Pakistan, ”Randall Shriver said Have been made.