Buy a House for less than Rs. 80 in Italy

Looking to buy a house for less than Rs 80 (1$), then here is the best place in Italy.

The price is only one euro, which is almost Rs. 80 in Indian currency, 1$ dollar in US currency.

The village of Sambuca, on the island of Sicily in that country, has just announced a house plan.

Small towns and villages in Europe are being evacuated as people migrate to cities and abroad.

Sambuca is currently facing a similar problem. The number of people in the village is decreasing. Now the village’s population is only about 5,800.

The village governing body has planned a plan to increase the population. Vacant, dilapidated homes have been purchased from owners.

It was decided to sell them to newcomers for only one euro. People from all over the world can buy a house and live in Sambuca.

What Are The Conditions?

There is, however, one condition for the purchase. Buyers must repair the houses within three years. The cost of these works can be huge.

The home scheme for Only one euro has received a good response. Using this advantage, some people residing in Sambuca come from elsewhere.

Sambuca Mayor Leonardo Cicasio said foreigners had bought 16 homes they had sold.

Who Can Buy?

He explained that their plan was successful and that artists from different countries came to Sambuca to take advantage of the scheme.

Some homebuyers include musicians, dancers, journalists and writers. They have good interests to buy houses.

The Deputy Mayor of Sambuca, Architect Joseph Kaisiopo commented that this is a great place to enjoy nature’s beauty.

Locator Marisa Montalbano said she enjoys seeing people from all over the world come to her village. He said 60 houses have been sold in the village so far.

Sambucca was promoted with a single euro home phone scheme. Since the program began, 40 homes in the village have been sold at market prices.

Among those buying homes in Sambuca are foreigners and immigrants from Italy. One of them was a woman named Gloria Origi.

I live in Milan, Italy. After that many years in France. But, there was always the desire to take a house in Italy.

She explained that the natural beauty of Sambuca was a favourite model for me.

The people of Sambuca are spiritual. Speak to the mind. That’s why I decided to buy a house in this village.

There were some difficulties at the beginning. But after that, my lifestyle has improved greatly, says Gloria Origi.

Sambuca Mayor Leonardo Ciaccio is pleased to announce that the vacant homes in their village are being filled again.

The rest of Italy’s villages are also inspired by Sambuca. They are thinking of bringing in a single euro home plan.

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