Eating chocolate is a misconception among many adults

Eating chocolate, Do you Have a forgetfulness? Eat chocolate though.

Eating chocolate is a misconception among many adults. 

It is said that they are not small children to eat chocolates. 

But forgetfulness is not only for children, but it also increases as adults grow older. Doctors eat chocolates as an antidote to this.

Chocolates must be consumed every day if you want to avoid amnesia. 

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Doctors also want the chocolate to be part of your diet. 

Polyphenols, especially in dark chocolate. Doctors avoid chemicals that can harm heart cells.

Many people think that consuming chocolate can cause tooth decay.

But the chocolate melts in the mouth. This is not a risk to the teeth. 

Medical experts say that chocolate is not as good as the rest of the sweets. So doctors suggest that eating chocolate every day is no harm.

The British Dietetic Association states that chocolate is rich in vitamins that are good for health. 

Doctors say that milk chocolates are especially rich in calcium, vitamin B2 and B12, as well as magnesium, copper and iron in dark chocolates, which reduce body fat.

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