Effectively rebuffed Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s

Effectively rebuffed Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s remarks at the United Nations General Assembly. 

It questions what those who have hate ideology and those who set up the terror industry speak on behalf of their citizens. 

Vidisha Maitra Ifs

It was concluded that there was no need to speak on behalf of the citizens of India. Speaking at the UN General Assembly on Friday, Imran spent half his time in India and Kashmir. 

He said that the war between India and Pakistan would lead to a nuclear war, which would cost the world. These remarks were vehemently condemned by Vidisha Maitra, India’s first secretary of the UN Permanent Mission. 

The Pakistani prime minister speech has been criticized for provoking divisions, disagreements and hatred. Words have great value in diplomacy. 

The words Imran Khan used in his speech – bloodshed, genocide, ethnic supremacy, gun slaughter, and finally war – convey the medieval mentality rather than the ideas of the 21st century. 

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan Genocide is not the subject of today’s democracies. You need to review your perspective on history. 

The role played by Pakistan in the 1971 massacre of its own citizens, Lieutenant General AK Neeji’s role should not be forgotten. 

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh recalled this fact at an earlier session. Imran is making nuclear war warnings. Maitra is claiming to be a warlord rather than a statesman.

What about minorities in Pakistan?

Imran has invited Pakistani observers to visit Pakistan during his speech, saying that there are no terrorist organizations in Pakistan. 

Maitra urged him to stick to that promise. Imran’s questions were rained down on Imran on this occasion. Imran Khan publicly defends Osama bin Laden in New York. 

Can he rule this out? Is it true that Pakistani shelters 130 terrorists and 25 terrorist organizations on the UN list?

Is Pakistan the only country that pensioners a terrorist on the list of UN Al Qaeda and Daesh sanctions? If the terrorists are not financed.

– His remarks convey a medieval mentality

– We need not speak for someone else on our people’s behalf

– Is it true that Pakistani shelter for terrorists?

– Is Pakistan the only country that pensions a terrorist?

– India, which defied Imran’s comments

Can Pakistan explain why they have to close their Habib Bank in New York? Is it true that the Financial Action Task Force (ATTF) has put Pak in the notice of violating 20 of the 27 key criteria? Minorities in Pakistan have fallen from 23 per cent in 1947 to 3 per cent today.

Christians, Sikhs, Ahmadis, Hindus, Shiites, Pashtuns, Indus and Balochistan’s have been accused of systematic persecution and forced conversions. 

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran sayings on human rights, Eddewa has said that the endangered mountain goat is being hunted by Markhor. 

The Pakistani outrage over the repeal of Article 370, which has become a hindrance to development in Kashmir, said that those seeking conflict could never invoke peace. 

If Pakistan focuses on terrorism and hates speech, India is referring to the development of Kashmir.

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