Expensive fish has been caught but left in the sea

Expensive fish has been caught but he left in the sea the Will be surprised to hear the value of the fish.

He went to sea to hunt. Luckyly Expensive fish has been caught. He knows the value of the fish. but He left that precious fish in the sea.

Do you know the value of the fish? Will be surprised to hear the details.

Dave Edwards, a native of West Cork, Ireland, caught a giant tuna fish at sea. 

A giant tuna fish which is 8.5-foot long was caught by a man off the coast of Ireland, and he left back into the sea.

The tuna was caught by Dave Edwards from West Cork. the monster fish which was the largest tuna fish to be caught in Irish waters this year.

Its value is literally three million euros. in Indian currency says almost Rs. 23 crores.

However, Dave never went fishing for sale. His fun is also part of the study of fish in the Atlantic. 

Expensive fish
Image source on facebook

This eight-and-a-half-foot huge fish was caught by him. 

In view of the demand for tuna fish, the value of the fishery with 270 kg is worth over Rs 23 crore. 

But after he shared the matter through Facebook, he said the tuna had been dropped back into the sea.


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