CEO audio leak sensation, giant Facebook is in trouble

Facebook CEO audio leak, Social media giant Facebook is in trouble.

Facebook CEO audio leak Mark Zuckerberg spoke with his employees about the possibility of internal audio exposure. 

Zuckerberg commented that the election of a presidential candidate, primarily Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren, is a risk and there are legal challenges. 

The audio, however, became a sensation as they challenged their efforts to break up the company.

The comments were made during an internal interview with employees, The Verge reported. 

According to the leaked audio, Zuckerberg made his speech on six issues. 

The US government hopes to break Facebook and beat its goal of competing with the video-sharing app Tiktok. 

Elizabeth Warren, who is elected president of the United States, said there were “serious setbacks and legal problems”.

The insurer said they would support these plans. She also targeted giant tech companies such as Facebook, Amazon and Google. 

He also made key remarks on the Chinese company-owned Tiktok, which is gaining a huge craze in youth. 

The new video-sharing app Laos is set to launch in a bid to combat the Tiktok. He also mentioned Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Libra. 

Zuckerberg claimed that Facebook was investing more in security than Twitter’s total revenue.

Warren also criticized Facebook with a series of tweets. 

In a series of tweets, they said that they would really ‘suck’ if they blocked a corrupt system that allowed iconic companies like Facebook to engage in illegal anti-competitive practices and violate consumer privacy rights. 

By acquiring competitors such as WhatsApp and Instagram, Facebook has gained more market dominance in recent years, with more than 85 per cent of social networking traffic going to Facebook-owned companies.

Zuckerberg, on the other hand, issued a statement on his Facebook page condemning Verz’s article. Although it’s completely internal. 

Interested people have shared a link to check out the unfiltered version. 

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is facing an open anti-trust investigation on Facebook. The New York State Attorney General’s team is also investigating Facebook.

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