Google shock to Xiaomi.

Google shock to Xiaomi. Playstore that blocked the app!

Google shock to Xiaomi India’s number one smartphone company, Shiomi, gave Google a shock. 

Xiaomi has dropped a popular app that offers inbuilt phones. Do you know something about that app?

Those who use Shiomi phones do not need to be acquainted with the Quick Apps app. Google has just launched this app from its Playstore. 

Google said the app was blocked because it did not follow its Play Protect policy. Many Shiomi smartphone users reported this on Twitter and Reddit. 

The popup message states that this app collects data that can be used to track you. Google has blocked the app after an update on November 14.

Smartphone Safety?

Google Play Protect helps you keep your smartphone device secure. Periodically check the apps on the Playstore and the apps on your phone. 

It also checks before you download any app. Its function is to prevent harmful apps from getting into your phone through Playstore. Previously installed apps will block any harmful viruses.

Google did not give a clear reason why this app was blocked. However, these Quick Apps take 55 system-level permissions related to our phone. That’s why tech experts think it’s blocked.

Google shock to Xiaomi was charged in April of this year. According to a report, the company is accused of registering unauthorized apps without informing users. 

Xiomi is also involved in collecting IMEI, IMSI and SIM numbers and recording audio without permission. 

Because of these permissions, Shawomi displays ads through the lock screen and browsers.

However, this app is not available in the Playstore but is still available in Shiomi MIUI. You can’t uninstall it because it’s built-in. It is possible to disable. 

Google places a high priority on the privacy of its customers. Google has entered into an agreement with security companies such as Easset, Lookout and Zimprium for mobile security.

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