Healthy Techniques To Lose Weight

Healthy Techniques To Lose Weight: If you think you are overweight? Then you must lose weight, 

That’s a good choice to lose a weight. But. Are you mixing Dieting and Gym? 

Here are the facts to lose weight in a healthy way. Overweight is never good. 

However. There are some healthy techniques to lose weight. Most people come up with a good idea to lose weight quickly. 

Dieting and exercise are done simultaneously. Health professionals say it is dangerous for bones. 

Because. Due to dieting. The food that needs to be given to the body is reduced. 

Exercise at the same time. The fat in the body dissolves. As a result. Bones don’t even have enough nutrients

If large amounts of nutrients are reduced at the same time. Health experts warn that bone loss may decrease.

Women should be more careful in this regard. As our age increases, we naturally lose strength in the bones. 

Nutritional supplements are needed to increase strength. 

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Researchers at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine have studied the health status of dieters and exercising at the same time. 

In both dieting and exercise. The Bone Marrow fan is growing in the middle of the bones. 

Bones due to lack of proper nutrients. Fat is overflowing. It can also damage the bones.

Women in their 30s. Must Eat more than 2,000 calories a day. Dieters. About 30 per cent are eating less.

As a result, the number of calories is falling to 1400. As a result, women are losing about 450 grams (one pound) per week.

Researchers say the long-term risk of osteoporosis is high. So stop dying. Eat good food. And do exercises consuming with the proper nutrients.

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