Hong Kong Protesters vs Occupy Central in 2019

Hong Kong Protesters: Democrats’ concerns in Hong Kong have intensified. Hong Kong Protesters clashed with police at a rally held by thousands on Sunday morning. 

Hong Kong agitation worsen

Hong Kong: Democrats’ concerns in Hong Kong have intensified. Protesters clashed with police at a rally held by thousands on Sunday morning. 

The demonstrators were vandalized at subway stations. Police set fire to the barricades. The posters of China’s Incarnation Day were torn down. 

For many of the Hong Kong residents, therefore, there are more and more pressing concerns.

There was one protester who was the part of a group stepped forward to shut down the international airport.

The total of 79 days protests in 2014 was peaceful, although the protesters may have been occupied many main and major roads,” said by securities brokerage.

Hantec Pacific’s managing director Gordon Tsui Luen-on. “The current protests have been acting more violent, which have hit investors’ sentiment harder.”

The protesters threw stones and petrol bombs at the police station. Tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons were used.

Police detained a large number of protesters. Solidarity rallies were held in 40 locations in Europe and North America, including Australia and Taiwan, following calls by protesters online

While the students called for a strike today, various groups demanded that the people wear black. 

The turmoil is continuing as the Communist China government celebrates its 70th anniversary on Tuesday.

Hong Kong ruler Lam has announced that he will travel to Beijing to attend the national day. 

The protests that began in opposition to a bill aimed at criminalizing China have continued for four months. 

In Hong Kong, they were granted an independent judiciary and free speech until 2047, when they met at the mainland from Britain. 

Hong Kong residents, however, are concerned that the Chinese government has already shunned them.

One protester who was part of the group that shut down the international airport told Time, “I always think that freedom is much more important than the economy.”

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