High alert on airports, received bomb threaten mail

HYDERABAD High alert on airports: Rajeev Gandhi International Airport on Tuesday received a bomb threat by an unidentified person in Hyderabad.  

Hyderabad: High alert on airports and Increased security in all the airports in the north.

Intelligence sources have warned that there could be terrorism in the country. 

The city of Delhi has already gone into police support. Intelligence has warned that terrorists belonging to the Jaishey Mohammed terrorist organization have entered the country. 

Delhi police are conducting thorough investigations in several areas. Police have alerted airports around the country. 

The security of the Durga Puja Ramli has been increased due to the presence of large numbers of people in the area. 

The security has been reinforced by intelligence alerts that four Jaisheh terrorists have infiltrated Delhi. 

A high alert has been announced in several states. Warnings have been reported from the Special Cell of Delhi. 

It is rumoured that four militants have entered Delhi with heavy weapons. 

In the wake of the warnings, a large number of the squadron have been operating in Delhi and adjoining cities. 

Prime Minister Modi’s residence was discussed this morning. 

Following the repeal of Article 370, the security forces were warned that there was a risk of militancy. 

Even intelligence has recently warned that Modi, Shah and Dowal have a serious threat. 

The Orange Alert was launched at airports such as Srinagar, Avantipura, Jammu, Pathankot and Hinden.

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