Imran Khan’s bad experience during his visit with Trump

Imran Khan’s bad experience during his visit with Trump, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s bad experience during his meeting with US President Donald Trump.

New York: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has had a bitter experience during a meeting with US President Donald Trump. 

Trump was referring to the Pakistani journalist. Imran Khan has once again come to terms with Trump’s comments. 

We need to go into detail to know what actually happened. Pak Prime Minister Imran met specifically with US President Trump during the United Nations General Assembly. 

Trump, a Pakistani journalist, raised furious questions at a press conference set up shortly after the meeting. To this end, Trump has repeatedly questioned your stance on the Kashmir issue. 

Trump is impatient. Others went on to rage at the journalist. Are you a part of his team? He asked. Similarly, with Imran Khan as the director, Trump has not stopped. 

They are embarrassed to take them from anywhere. Imran fumbled at this time not knowing what to answer. 

The face of the Pakistani prime minister blurted out with the Trump reaction. Already, Trump has said that he will not intervene in Kashmir on several platforms. 

He does not mention the Kashmir issue unless he is assisting the peaceful atmosphere between India and Pakistan. 

Now, however, Trump has been embarrassed to the extent that Pakistani journalists have repeatedly asked him to respond to Kashmir.

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