IRCTC Increased railway charges are increased.

IRCTC: Shock for railway commuters. Ticket prices go up.

IRCTC Alert for railway commuters. Ticket prices will rise once again.

This does not apply to all trains, however. Just for a few trains. The same applies to those who serve food on the train.


  1. Railway Board revised catering charges
  2. Increase in prices of tea, tiffin and meal
  3. Ticket prices will rise accordingly
  4. This is only applicable to all three trains.

Does railway travel make the most of it? However, you have an alert. The Railway Board gave the latest train journeys. 

The Railway Board has announced the hike in tea, tiffin and meal rates on capital, Shatabdi and Duronto express trains. IRCTC recently reported this to stock exchanges.

On November 14, the Ministry of Railways revised the Catering Services Menu and Tariff. The same applies to Capital, Centennial, Duranto trains. 

IRCTC said Indian Railways Standard Meals will also apply at new prices. 

This will increase the cost of prepaid meals in the capital, Shatabdi and Duranto Express trains, the Railway Board Director said.

The new menu and rates for train passengers will be made available after 15 days, 

Railway Eating Platform IRCTC said. The increased rates will come into effect 120 days from the date of issue of the circular.

The price of Tea in First Class AC and Executive Class will be Rs 15 to Rs 35, Breakfast Rs 90 to Rs 140, Lunch and Dinner Prices from Rs 140 to Rs 244. 

Morning Tea for Second Class AC, Third Class AC and Chair Cars Rs. 10 to Rs. 20, Evening Tea Rs. 45 to Rs. 90 It is expected to increase to Rs. 70 to 105, lunch and dinner Rs. 120 to 185 increased.

With the increase in the prices of meals on trains in Century, Capital and Durham, their ticket prices are likely to change slightly. With travellers choosing meals, their ticket prices will increase by 3 to 9 per cent.

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