Jaishankars, Foreign Minister said on Pakistan.

Foreign Minister Jaishankars remark Except for that one country Pakistan.

NEW DELHI: External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankars today said all countries, except one of India’s neighbouring countries (Pakistan).

Are working together on regional cooperation and cooperating with each other. 

He spoke to Borji Brenda, president of the World Economic Forum, at the Indian Economic Forum in Delhi on Friday. 

He said that the country hopes to come together in terms of regional cooperation. 

He said nationalism should not be viewed as a negative aspect in India.

Imran’s comments are brutal

Jaishankar said there is no hope of negotiations until Pakistan reins in its financing and recruitment of militant groups. 

Terrorism is not something that is being conducted in dark corners of Pakistan. It’s done in broad daylight, Jaishankar said.

Asked about medicines and small businesses in Kashmir Valley, he said he thinks a lot of the reports about shortages are fictitious.

He also conceded it isn’t possible to stop communications between militants without an impact on the rest of the economy.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran often makes irresponsible and provocative remarks on Article 370, Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar said. 

Imran condemned the comments. He spoke to the media in Delhi. Imran said it would be better if he spoke to his status. 

He said Imran’s public call for jihad against India was outrageous. 

He made the mistake of not knowing about international relations.

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