Japanese dish sushi, have you ever eat? 

Japanese dish sushi have you ever eat?

Japanese dish sushi this is the speciality of Japanese cuisine sushi!

Sushi. Ever heard of this name? This new dish from Japan is delicious. 

Look at the fish and prawns on sushi and think if you make it yourself. 

In fact, sushi sim is a dish made of rice. Sushi is known throughout Japan as the traditional dish of Japan.

Fermented rice was once used to store fish pieces. After eating the fish, the rice is dropped. 

Over time, they also started eating fermented rice along with fish. Tourists coming to Japan enjoy it. In doing so it gradually crossed the boundaries.

Not so easy. Making this sushi is not an easy task. It has to be very versatile. This dish is made with rice, fish or shrimp mixed with vinegar. 

Also, there is a good demand for sushi’s wrapped with sea moss. They are available not only in Japan but also in our Hyderabad.

Sushi is made in different varieties. Japanese rice is also made with a variety of seafood and vegetables. 

Rolls are also made with these. Traditional sushi is made with rice. Fermented rice is pressed into the cylinder. 

Then a finely chopped fish is placed on it. Afterwards, soya sauce is fried. These are called ‘nigiri’. 

Nigiri means hand-pressed telephone. There are many types of sushi available in the market, such as maki sushi and sashimi. And June 18 is International Sushi Day.

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