Justin Bieber Pop Singer seeking fan opinion for wedding

Justin Bieber became the world’s craziest craze with love songs and romance. 

The Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber is reportedly married to her girlfriend and top model Hayley Baldwin. 

However, Bieber is getting ready to marry again. He asked for the opinion of the fans on what to wear at the wedding. 

To this extent. Help me in choosing a wedding dress. Tell us which suite is best for the five and shared five photos on Instagram

To this end, the majority of the 119 million followers of the Beeber Insta account voted the suitcase with a rainbow of colours. 

Others are in the pink colour of the suit, you will miss the comments that the boss.

pink colour of the suit
Image source Instagram

These dresses are great. Finding this collection is a funny answer to Bieber.

So you may be wondering to whom Bieber going to marry. It’s nonother then his wife. Yes, Bieber, who secretly married Healy a few months ago, is now preparing for a grand wedding. 

Beeber, who fell in love with pop singer Selena Gomez in the past, continued to bond with her despite repeated breakups. 

To this end, the two have announced that they are splitting up after a rift between Jalina (Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber fans name). 

It was in this context that Bieber became engaged to another girlfriend, Healy, with parental consent. 

The couple is about to get married again in a beautiful location in South Carolina.

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