Kashmir issue in the UN, Malaysia’s comments on the UN

Kashmir issue in the UN, India invaded and occupied Kashmir. Malaysia’s serious comments on the UN

Malaysia has backed Pakistan, which is drawing on the Kashmir issue in the UN. India is accused of invading Kashmir. India says it must.

Pakistan has received another ally in the Kashmir issue, allegations against India. So far, only China and Turkey have supported Pakistan.

Malaysia is also accentuated with them. The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohammed, addressed the United Nations in the House of Commons.

India invaded and conquered independent Kashmir. India has acted against the United Nations resolution.

There may be reasons for India to do so. But India has done the right thing, ”Mohammed said.

Malaysian PM Said

The Malaysian Prime Minister suggested that the issue be resolved peacefully. India must work with Pakistan to solve this problem.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Mahathir met at the Eastern Economic Forum in Russia in early September.

While Bharat Zakir Nayak addresses the topic of the assignment. Malaysia has addressed the Kashmir issue.

Malaysian media reported that the issue of Kashmir was discussed mainly at the bilateral meeting of India and Malaysia on September 5.

Prime Minister Modi told Mahathir that the Kashmir issue and Article 370 repeal were. Malaysian Foreign Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah said.

They revealed that they had been instructed to resolve the issue through negotiations.

The third country should not be allowed to intervene to resolve the Kashmir issue or take it to the International Court of Justice.

Earlier, the Malaysian Prime Minister had said that India did not pressurize on Zakir’s extradition. Foreign Minister Jaishankar has condemned Mahathir’s remarks.

Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia hold a tripartite meeting during the UN General Assembly.

It has been decided to set up an English TV channel to combat Islamophobia and to remove any suspicions about Islam.

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