Keerthi Suresh: There is so much more.

Keerthi Suresh: who won the National Award said, there is so much more.

Kirti Suresh has been entering the industry for six years. He posted a picture on social media thanking fans who had embraced him for the occasion.

Noted actress Keerthi Suresh, who won the National Award shortly after entering the film industry. 

Keerthi, the daughter of Tamil producer Suresh and actress and father-in-law, has been entering the film industry for six years. 

He thanked fans and family who supported him on the occasion and posted a post on social media.

I was born an actress six years ago. I was very lucky to be able to live so many lives with so many different characters. 

Thank you so much for giving me all this love. I am very excited to see the opportunities ahead of me to realize my dream. 

Thank you to my family, movie friends, well-wishers and fans. So you calmly grab popcorn and sit in the seats. Because it is not yet done and there is a lot of code.

He started his career as a child artist in 2000’s Pilots’ Malayalam film. The actress began her journey.

With the Malayalam movie ‘Geethanjali simala’ in 2013 Keerthi’s first film in Telugu With this film, Keerthi is well-liked by Telugu audiences. 

From there the journey of glory is taking off. Earlier in her career, actress Savitri was offered the opportunity to perform in the biopic.

She also won a National Award for the film. Bollywood has also become the epicentre of fame talent. 

This is why she was chosen as the heroine of a sports-based drama called Maidan Model. 

Currently, Keerthi has a handful of films in Marakkarpen, Gwynmi, Rang De, Good Luck Sakhi and Ponnin Selvan.

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