little girls sacrificed their hearts in peru

Darting knives in the heart. 227 little girls sacrificed, corpses revealed in Peru!

Little girls who. These little girls sacrificed their hearts with the superstitious belief that calamity would stop them. Were 227 little girls sacrificed?

Rumours have spread that there are evil spirits who hear about the occult and the sacrificial deaths of children. 

You are about to read about the largest number of child sacrifices in the world. 227 little girls sacrificed were buried in a single day here. 

This terrifying incident took place in the region is located in Peru, South America. Recently, archaeologists excavating the northern coast of Peru have seen a large number of children’s graves.

Researchers said that the rule of the Chimo kings under 1400 years was a testament to the sacrificial deaths of young children in order to prevent the destruction of their empire. 

Hundreds of young children are being buried in one place in the face of this. The dead children were estimated to be between 4 and 14 years old.

He said mass sacrifices were made in the presence of religious elders in the Pampa La Cruz Sector in Huanchaco. 

In the graves that were excavated there the children’s corpses were not completely covered with mud. Some corpses still have skin and veins. They said that their ears had silver earrings.

Archaeologist Ferren Castillo told AFP News: “We have found the largest number of children in the world. He said that so far a large number of children have not been found elsewhere. 

Back then, people believed that little girls would go to the gods and give them peace so that the gods would save the kingdom from harm. 

There was some evidence that it was raining heavily before their sacrifice. Investigators said the children were exposed to the ashes until they died. 

While the children were survivors, they would kill a sharp sword in their hearts, and the landmarks were on the corpses. 

The dead children were buried in holy cloth. The graves of 227 little girls sacrificed body have been identified in their excavations.

But is it really the sacrifice of so many children? Or did they die by disaster? The sword markings in their hearts tell of the sacrifices. 

Researchers estimate that they did so for disaster control. The people of the day must know what the real truth is.

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