Manni C Kappen Success of 54 years of waiting in Palai

Kottayam: Another mani descended from Palai, ending the era of KM Mani, which has been in existence for five decades.

Manni C Kappen Success of 54 years of waiting in Palai

LDF’s NCP candidate Mani C Kappan won the by-election after the demise of KM Mani. The Mani C candidate won the UDF’s independent candidate, Joseph Tom, by a majority of 2943 votes.

Mani C Kappan became the first MLA from Palai after KM Mani. This is the first time the Kerala Congress and the UDF have been defeated in the constituency. 

Manny C Kappen received 54,137 votes and Jose Tom received 51194 votes. NDA candidate  N Hari 180 won by 44 votes. 

Jose K Mani said the failure would be fully acknowledged and the defeat would be verified. After 54 years of waiting, the LDF will win the election. 

The victory of the LDF led to a bitter confrontation between the LDF Kerala Congress workers in front of KM Mani’s house in Palai.

Mani C Kappan spoke of Palak’s

With the success of the Mani C Kappan, the movement of CPM activists to perform in the city became problematic. Kerala Congress activists were calling Zindabad for KM Mani.

When Mani C Kappan spoke of Palak’s release from 54 years of political captivity, the BJP overturned the vote. The Kerala Congress has suffered a major setback. 

Mani C Kappan won after KM Mani lost three times. The Congress and the UDF were comforted by the fact that Mani C Kappan, who won the votes of KM Mani by 4000 votes in the last election, won the same votes. 

After completing his role as a filmmaker, director and actor, Mani C Kappan took the lead in the UDF stronghold of the strongholds of the Mutoli, Meenachil and Kozhuvanal panchayats.

Many of the panchayats that were giving KM Mani a lead of more than 500 votes in the last Lok Sabha polls have been a big advantage for Thomas Chazikkadan. 

Mani C. Kappan, who took the lead from the booths of the Ramapuram Panchayat, initially voted in the first place but gradually improved.

Eight panchayats, after crossing the UDF regions of Kadanad, Melukavu and Munnulavu, narrowed the lead. In contrast, the postal votes were the same for both parties in the counting that began too late. 

Of the total 15 votes, six votes were won by Jose Tom and Manny C. Kappen, and three were invalid.

Eclection Vote Counting

Both service votes were invalid. The votes were counted in 22 booths in Ramapuram panchayat. A total of 127939 votes were cast in 176 booths.

The counting began and information came out very late. The first clue came out after eight. The EVM came out to count for an hour and a half. 

Thirteen candidates, including LDF, UDF and NDA, contested. The official votes of Manisi Kappan I and N Hari II were the 7th, while the votes of Jos Tom, the UDF Independent, were counted.

The Pala constituency consists of 12 panchayats and one municipality including

  • Ramapuram
  • Kadanad
  • Melukavu
  • Munilavu
  • Talanadu
  • Thalappalam
  • Parananganam
  • Karur
  • Mutholi
  • Pala
  • Meenachil
  • Kozhuvanal
  • Elikkulam.

Counting is taking place at Pala Carmel Public School. Jose Tom was in KM Mani’s residence with the UDF cadres.

Mani C Kappan was in his own house with LDF activists when he learned of the counting. Mani C Kappan’s hopes of winning by a majority of 10,000 votes were not met.

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