Marnus Australian cricketer pants slip

Marnus Australian cricketer, who has consistently excelled in the recently concluded Ashes Test series with England, was impressed with the gameplay


  • Marnus is an Australian cricketer dedicated to fielding
  • even the pants slip .. threw the ball and hit a wicket for run out
  • A runaway by Marnus that has gone viral on social media
  • Marnus has consistently excelled in the recent Ashes series

How dedicated are the players on the cricket field? Everyone knows that. During fielding, they dive for the ball without thinking of any injuries. 

In this case, the wound is bleeding .. Think about it after you throw the ball. What if the pants slip during fielding? 

This is exactly what happened at the current domestic one-day tour in Australia

Queensland and Victoria have clashed at the latest ODI tournament as part of the mashup in Australia. 

In the match, Queensland fielder Marnus Laubchange dived sideways to block the ball. 

He was able to stop the ball though. But his pants slid down However, Marnus did not care about the pants. He threw the ball straight to the wicketkeeper. 

Victoria got off to a poor start and the team was kept losing wickets at regular intervals.

Aaron Finch in the beginning and Will Sutherland towards the end showed some resistance but Victoria could only manage 168 on the board

Victoria was out of batsmen’s crease at the time. Marnus sits on the floor until the keeper runs out after the ball is thrown. 

Finally, the batsmen made sure to run out. The video has now every and gone viral on social media.

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