Mumbai Tree Cutting, 29 arrested for protesting trees

Mumbai Tree Cutting: Our central government has called for a ban on plastic to reduce pollution. 

And saying not to cut Trees that reduce pollution. why are they being arrested by the police?

Mumbai tree cutting an event in Mumbai is thinking of the whole country.

Because of this, 29 people have been arrested by the police for protesting against cutting down trees. 

In fact, it was a five-year struggle.

The Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) is an ongoing struggle among environmentalists.

The government is preparing to cut down 2,185 trees. 

Environmentalists have posed a major concern while blocking it. Non-profit government. 

Deploying large numbers of police. Dispersed the agitators.

29 people were arrested. Section 144 has been implemented. 

The trees were cut down. 1500 trees were cut down on Saturday alone.

The protesters are seriously wrong about the government’s action.

When trees are cut down in the name of development, environmentalists say development.

The government is burning on environmentalists. 

Due to this problem, Phase-III construction of the Metro Rail project has been pending for many years. 

High Court Decision

The Bombay High Court upheld the decision of Brihanmumbai Corporation Tree Authority to construct the latest Metro project. 

The High Court has refused to urgently investigate the pill put by environmentalists to stop the felling of trees.

When undertaking similar projects abroad. Trees up the roots, including mud. Re-rooted in another area.

So. Trees that have grown for many years. Are alive without dying. It has a lot to do with the environment.

But. Since the Bombay High Court has not given any such directions. For the Metrorail project. 

Trees are being cut down. On the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi. 

The central government has called for a ban on single-use plastic to reduce pollution. 

Something. In Maharashtra where the same BJP government is in power.

Environmentalists are asking what kind of message the centre wants to deliver by cutting down pollution trees.

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