National Basketball Association Basketball match in India.

National Basketball Association The Reliance Foundation has so far trained more than 10 million students in 34 cities across India

Moreover. National Basketball Association, Ten thousand people have been trained as coaches.


  • Basketball in India. Exhibition matches for the first time.
  • The match between the Indians Pacers and the Sacramento Kings, which took place in Mumbai.
  • Reliance Foundation, which gives students the opportunity to watch the match live.
  • Reliance Foundation affiliated with the NBA for six years.

The Reliance Foundation, a recent initiative to increase the craze for basketball in India, has finally taken the initiative. 

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has two exhibition matches in front of the league. 

Friday’s first match between the Indian Pacers and the Sacramento Kings ends in Mumbai.

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Reliance Foundation is a six-year affiliated with the NBA. The stadium will allow students aged 10-16 to watch the match live. 

National Basketball Association (NBA)
Children from Reliance Foundation ESA at the first-ever at NBA India game.

This is the first time an NBA match has been played in India.

The first practice match between the Indiana Pacers and the Sacramento Kings was a spectacular 118-118 draw. Another five minutes of extra time. 

The Indiana Pacers won the Sacramento Team by 132-131. Reliance Foundation Chairperson Nita Ambani attended the inauguration of the first basketball match in India. 

The match was presented to her by NBA Commissioner Aam Silver, India Pacers and Sacramento Kings captains.

During the exhibition match, Nita Ambani said, “We are delighted that Reliance Foundation is presenting the first basketball.

Our aim is to increase the popularity of all sports in India. Through this match. We hope to inspire young basketball players. 

Through our foundation, we encourage students to study and sports.

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