Nick Jonas, I would go into a coma if it late for one day

Nick Jonas, I would go into a coma if it late one day, He shared with the magazine.

Global star Priyanka Chopra’s husband, American singer Nick Jonas, said I was so close to a coma. 

He said he was worried that he would be permanently distanced by diabetes. Nick was diagnosed with diabetes while still in his teens. 

Nick told a magazine on Tuesday about the issue. At the age of 13, weight loss began. 

Changes in the body have taken place. Then take him to the doctors. He said I had type-1 diabetes. 

Since that time. Is anything happening to me? Will I be alright Does diabetes become a barrier to my goals? There are many doubts. 

I often ask my parents is everything going to be okay. If I was late for one-day to admit in hospital then I would be in a coma. 

He later told his teenage friends that he was aware that diabetes was a minor disease and that it could be controlled by a healthy lifestyle with the advice of doctors.

Nick Jonas, who fell in love with Priyanka Chopra, married her in December last year. 

However, since Priyanka is ten years older than Nick, the netizens are still trolling her. 

Whenever she posted photos with her husband, she was poisoned with objectionable comments. 

Priyank and the couple are living happily together despite all this. While Nick is busy with music. Priyanka is busy with Bollywood movie promotions called Sky is Pink.

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