Online Transactions are you aware of online scams

Online Transactions: Are You using Online Bank Transactions. Is that safe to use? Let’s find out.

After the Demonetization of currency notes, All the offline currency transactions started to increase using digital transactions

However, cybercriminals are committing online scams based on these.

After the cancellation of large notes, currency transactions fell and digital transactions increased. 

However, cybercriminals are committing online scams based on these. 

The police advise you not to open and not to do an online transaction where you don’t trust on other servers. 

The public is aware of the precautions to be taken when making online transactions. 

In this case, while using someone else’s computer or free WiFi to make an online transaction. 

You must remember that the website should be viewed only by typing your bank’s website name or URL. 

The website name should start with https. Using a virtual keyboard when logging in and typing in a password is good to use.

He said that having a complicated password would not make sense to anyone else and that it would be better to change that password frequently. 

It is advised not to forget to login after logging in and transacting online account it is better to use in two steps with password and OTP to stay away from hackers and online frauds.

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