Pawan Kalyan visit, Is this the reason behind Delhi tour?

Is this the real reason behind Pawan Kalyan visit to Delhi?

Pawan Kalyan visit: Political developments in AP are changing. One year after the YCP came to power, the opposition parties are moving on. 

After the worst defeat in the last election in AP, TDP is again trying to get closer to the public. Silent upwards BJP. Backstage is politicized. 

BJP is the target of saffron flag flying in all states in the country. Looks like AP has prepared a special formula for it.

Pawan Kalyan: Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan to go to Delhi. Long march on sand shortage in AP recently. 

Pawan Kalyan is against the state government. According to party sources, they are going to a private function in Delhi. Bhatt. The real thing is the talk coming from political circles. 

One thing is clear with Broad Mind. It was not even 6 months since the YCP government came to power. Meanwhile, all the opposition has been carrying out a covert criticism. 

TDP and Janesena, in particular, are aggressive. If TDP struggles for past glory. There seems to be a strategy of Delhi elders behind the Janasena. 

Mainly Pawan Kalyan.

It is reported that the BJP’s political strategy is to fire a range of government policies.

The BJP does not have much of a political scene in AP right now. Kamladala does not have the condition of pairing the pony TDP. 

At a time like this. Pawan Kalyan’s eyes were reportedly on top. Including Pawan Kalyan by the 2023 or 2024 elections. 

The BJP is reportedly planning to become a powerful party or alliance in AP. This strategy is known to support the Janasena and BJP alliance from outside the TDP.

TDP, Janasena and BJP together in the elections, the BJP elders are expected to gain the upper hand over the YCP. 

As part of this strategy, TDP and Jana Sena alone signals to the public. It seems that TDP leaders are meeting with Pawan and going to Pawan’s activities. 

The BJP is also indirectly supporting Pawan’s struggles. Pawan Kalyan in these circumstances. A trip to Delhi is gaining interest from politicians. 

Pawan joins BJP elders in Delhi Information to discuss the situation in the state. Especially he. BJP President Amit Shah is expected to meet Prime Minister Modi. 

All this is part of the strategy of the top leaders, Delhi sources said. Therefore, after the Pawan visit, the state’s anti-government slogans are likely to be more aggressive. 

Talk that the BJP, which is not so strong, is no longer able to win.

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