Public Toilets: Don’t know where to find ? Ask Google

Do you want to use the public toilet? then you can find it very easy, How? let’s see.

No need to look for a toilet. If you want to know where you have a toilet then it is very easy. You can able to browse online on Google on your phone.

Everybody asks this question every once in a while.

There are common toilet complexes and toilets operated by the government as well as charities. 

No need to look for a toilet anymore. Knowing where you have a toilet is very easy. 

How Yo Find Public Toilets? 

The digital world is now handy for everyone. If you can browse online Google on your phone.

You can easily find out where the toilets are. Simply go to the Google Search on your mobile, open Google Maps and type some public toilet near me link. 

It shows you the list of toilets near you, including location. You can also ask the same question by a Google Assistant and the address is immediately visible. 

The Project was launched in 2016 by the tech giant Google in collaboration with the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs and the Swachh Bharat Mission. 

The project aims to make toilets across the country easy to find on Google Maps. 

The project first started in Bhopal, Indore, New Delhi. The rest of the city is included in the project. 

There are currently over 57,000 toilets in over 2,300 cities nationwide on Google Maps. 

Millions of people are already locating and using these toilets. Reviews, ratings and photos are uploaded by users.

Searching for public toilets on a google search engine is increasing day by day.

However, Most of the people are unaware of this tech knowledge. It must get awareness for each and every people in India.