Rakul Preet Singh: He betrayed me, that’s a big story.

Rakul Preet Singh: He betrayed me, that’s a big story.

Rakul Preet Singh has revealed the shocking fact that he has cheated in love. This was revealed as part of her film promotions.

Heartbreaks are not just for ordinary people but for celebrities as well. They also get a lot of giggles. Actress Rakul Preet Singh has a similar story. 

She revealed this in an interview. One man said he cheated. However, the person did not name but said “goodbye” to him. 

Yes, I am deceived But why bother? Saying goodbye, you said that you do not have an original tasty. Rakul gave interesting answers to many more questions.

Rowdy boy Vijay Deverakonda is to star in the movie Gita Govindam. But she was already in Bollywood when she agreed to the movie ‘The De Pyaar’. 

I had the opportunity to perform in the Gita Govind. But I was already busy with De De Pyaar De Cinema. Dates have not even been cleared. 

The film had to be abandoned. However, there was no pain in leaving the film, but the film seemed to be good, at least a little character, as the blockbuster hit. 

Directed by Parasuram, the film received a blockbuster hit at the box office just a day before its release. Vijay and Rashmika Chemistry are considered crazy.

She also asked him to have sex with a hero who played with him in the industry. However, the casting couch is polite rather than vulgar. 

A co-star asked me but not vulgarly. Asked Friendly. But I have no interest.

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