Ranjan Gogoi: The Supreme Chief Justice.

Ranjan Gogoi: The Supreme Chief Justice was in Tirumala temple in the evening.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi, who is known as the Keraph Address for Sensational Judgments. 

Retirement is scheduled for Sunday. He is going to visit Thirumala Srivari on this occasion.

Undisputed Judge: That is, on October 3, 2018, as the 46th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. 

Justice Ranjan Gogoi, who took office 13 months ago. When he learned that he was the Chief Justice. 

Nanchudu’s tendency towards cases means that he doesn’t like anything. Do not judge. He does not have the style to deal with the lack of confidence in the judiciary. 

The five-member panel of judges presided over the Best Exodus case. The central and state governments have been fully alerted to the consequences of the verdict. 

The method of judging, the manner in which it is issued. All over the country, all communities are thinking. 

It may be assumed that Justice Ranjan Gogoi paid the verdict for all to accept.

Ranjan Gogoi solid history

he was born November 18, 1954. He is the son of former Assam Chief Minister Keshav Chandra Gogoi. 

Joined ‘Barrow in 1978. Practised in the Guwahati High Court. Became a permanent judge in 2001. In 2010, Punjab and Haryana moved to the joint High Court. 

Appointed Chief Justice in 2011. He came to the Supreme Court as a judge in 2012 on promotion. 

Ranjan Gogoi means ever since. Proving that the plaintiff is not a judge. People’s confidence in the legal system has increased. In one case the media came forward. 

The objections are that the judiciary is disrupting its independence. Despite this, some criticism and accusations are made against him. All of them have declined over time. 

Increasing corruption, malpractices and crime in the country. If the public’s confidence in the judiciary is still not relaxed. Justice Ranjan Gogoi is the reason for that.

In 2014, the BJP got an absolute majority. Center. The Supreme Court should listen. 

The NRC (National Register of Indian Citizens) has been ordered to complete the citizenship recognition process within three years. 

Gogoi has done a lot like this. Fast track courts have been brought in to resolve pending cases. 

The number of judges in the Supreme Court has increased from 31 to 34. Ranjan Gogoi also holds the record of being promoted as Supreme Court Judge to most High Court Chief Justice. 

Single Judge has been entrusted with the decision-making power in the latest petition transfer cases. With more changes and additions in a short time. 

Gogoi pays for the full use of his tenure. After his retirement, Justice Ranjan Gogoi will remain in Guwahati.

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