Risk of toothpaste caused by using daily.

Risk of toothpaste, All the damage caused by the toothpaste used daily.

Risk of toothpaste, When you wake up every morning, the first thing to do is to brush. 

When we get up in the morning to brush our teeth, we can brush our teeth in the morning to avoid odours. 

And now most of us see the advertisements on TV which show you to use toothpaste. 

Nowadays we only know the benefits of toothpaste. Now know the risks of that toothpaste. 

Once you realize the risks of toothpaste, you will never use toothpaste again. Such risks are in the toothpaste.

Toothpaste contains a chemical called polyethene. This chemical is supposed to be toxic to the body. 

Risk of using toothpaste

This causes kidney and brain problems. Toothpaste causes thyroid problems. 

Adding a chemical called “triclosan” in toothpaste to destroy oral infections. Experts say that this causes cancer of the thyroid and heart, as well as cancer.

Fluoride is the most commonly used toothpaste. They not only cause gums but also reduce intelligence in children. 

Pregnant women should avoid using a chemical toothpaste because of containing fluoride. 

This reduces the density of the bones in addition to thyroid problems, and fluoride also affects the bones of the baby.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is also used in the preparation of toothpaste. 

This can cause mouth ulcers, skin problems, and hormonal imbalances.

Sweeteners are known to damage teeth if they eat too much. But toothpaste also contains sugar. 

Research shows that these artificial sugars cause diabetes and obesity. 

In addition, chemicals used in tubes of toothpaste can also cause cancer problems such as brain tumour.

Toothpaste is used for teeth whitening, which means there are more risks. 

This means that these things can be seen. Ancestors said that kissing is not toothpaste. 

It is best to use neem leaves, northern roots and charcoal powder. 

This is why ingredients such as new leaves and charcoal powder are more expensive to paste on shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart. 

However, check before using this toothpaste, natural toothpaste is best to use.

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