SaveAarey: Tree chopping controversy in Mumbai

SaveAarey: Tree chopping controversy in Mumbai Supreme Court hear the case for Mumbai areas today.

On Saveaarey police arrested 29 people were realised on bail. Interest in how the Supreme Court is responding today.

For the third phase of the Metro Rail project in Mumbai. 

The subject of cutting 2,185 trees in the six colonies has now gone to the Supreme Court. 

Wheel to cut down trees. Agitators and environmentalists have reached the Supreme Court. 

Some Law Students. Writing to Supreme Court Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi. They were ordered to stop the felling of trees immediately. 

The Supreme Court has set up a bicameral bench to look into the matter. 

The colonists and activists are anxious to see what the special court of today will say. 

On the other hand, 29 protesters arrested by Mumbai police on Friday night were granted conditional bail.

Supreme Court of India If people judge in favour. That would be a shock to the Bombay High Court. 

Because. The Bombay High Court ruled in favour of the government on this issue. 

Construction of the Metro project is underway. The Bombay High Court upheld the decision of Brihanmumbai Corporation Tree Authority. 

The High Court has refused to urgently investigate the pill put by environmentalists to stop the felling of trees. 

Three other petitions on the same issue were also not received at the hearing. 

Immediately the trees were cut down. Already 1500 trees have been cut down.

What is the speciality of a colony: We don’t know about Mumbai. The world of irony. In such a city.

Aare Colony is a wonderful place. That’s the Green Belt. There are over 5 lakh trees. Sanjay Gandhi National Park is part of it. In a nutshell. 

For Mumbai

it is like the Green Lung of Mumbai. That’s why people are trying to protect it and they called it has Saveaarey. 

If it is also destroyed. Mumbai should not become more polluted. You will be known. 

There is already a big movement on Twitter with the #ArreyChipko #SaveAarey hashtags.

When undertaking similar projects abroad. Trees up the roots, including mud. Re-rooted in another area. 

So. Trees that have grown for many years. Are alive without dying. It has a lot to do with the environment. 

But. Since the Bombay High Court has not given any such directions. For the Metrorail project. 

Trees are being cut down. On the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi. 

The central government has called for a ban on single-use plastic to reduce pollution. 

Something. In Maharashtra where the same BJP government is in power. 

Environmentalists are asking what kind of message the centre wants to deliver by cutting down trees.

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