Sri Reddy, We make those mistakes for opportunities.

Sri Reddy, We had to make those mistakes for opportunities.

Sri Reddy. In the case of Casting Couch in Telugu Cinema Industry and now she is currently in Chennai.

After controversy on casting couch in Telugu Cinema Industry Currently, she is in Chennai. 

Recently, it was reported that Sri Reddy had accused Tamil actor Udayanidhi. 

However, in a recent press conference in Chennai, She gave clarity on the matter. 

Speaking at the press meet she said. The allegations made by Udayanidhi through a Facebook post claiming to be false are not true. 

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She was still speaking. He had never seen the original gardener directly. Saying that I have not come across the morning star. 

The post about him is not my official Facebook account. That’s a fake account. Someone posted that the work is intentional. 

Responding to a series of questions asked by Sri Reddy reporters. I have made mistakes for opportunities. 

They are currently trying to correct them in the future ill make sure there would be no such mistakes.

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