Statue of Babu in Nepal, Kathmandu

Statue of Babu in Nepal Kathmandu, October 2: The statue of Gandhiji was unveiled for the first time in Nepal. 

The Statue of Babu in Nepal was set up in Kathmandu by Indian Ambassador Manjiv Singh Puri in Nepal. 

Speaking on the occasion, Puri explained the impact of Gandhiji’s influence on the social, economic and political spheres of Nepal.

Former Nepal minister Bhadra Ghali responded by saying that Gandhiji’s theories have influenced many of the world’s freedom struggles. 

And the Students of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Kathmandu enthralled the audience by singing Vaishnav songs and bhajans.

Stating that the birthday of both Mahatma Gandhi & Lal Bahadur Shastri falls on the same day,

Puri said this is an occasion to remember and understand the values taught by these two great leaders to society.

This is not just the tradition which we have been following which we have done, these are those objectives which are relevant today also and would remain relevant in the coming days too,” Puri added.

The Indian Embassy organized a Khadi fashion show on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti on Tuesday.

Models showcased various designer creations in Khadi, the fabric popularized by Gandhi during the freedom movement.


The event was attended by several former ministers, MPs, Indian embassy staff in Nepal and dignitaries from various fields.

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