Superstar Rajinikanth, Do you understand Kamal Haasan’s words?

Superstar Rajinikanth, Do you understand Kamal Haasan’s words?

Superstar Rajinikanth comments on Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Palaniswami. Rajani targeted some politicians at a function called Ungal Naan on Sunday.

Superstar Rajinikanth has backed his longtime friend and typical actor Kamal Haasan. Some politicians counter to Kamal. 

Kamal Haasan recently celebrated his 65th birthday. It is 60 years since he entered the film industry. 

Ungal Naan was held at the Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai. Rajinikanth was accompanied by Kamal Haasan. 

On this occasion, Rajni’s counterpart to several politicians supporting Kamal has gone viral.

Why is there so much talent in the film industry, except for Kamal Haasan? 60 years in the film industry is not easy. 

There were many hardships. Many sacrifices were made. I worked as a conductor before I got into films. 

I too struggled but Kamal was not. I was always happy to see Kaman acting. Kamal will tell people what he learned and learned. 

But I have seen many people say that his words are not understood. Wake up the sleeper.

But nothing can make those who pretend to be asleep. When I understand Kamal’s words I don’t understand why everyone else. 

No one can break the friendship between us. We want our fans to be friends like this too. 

Palaniswami also dreamed that he would become chief minister two years ago: But he became. Many thought his government would collapse in four months. 

But his rule was loved by all as if something had happened. The miracles happened yesterday, today, and in the future, says Rajni. But he must know who he is addressing.

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