Uttam Kumar on RTC strike in the Lok Sabha.

Uttam Kumar on the RTC strike to be mentioned in the Lok Sabha said, Uttam Kumar.

Sunil Sharma is a senior IAS officer who is RTC Incharge MD. 

Tea PCC chief Uttam dismissed an affidavit to the High Court alleging that the opposition was conspiring to topple the government.

Telangana government’s latest affidavit filed in the High Court against the RTC strike, TPCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy has raised a serious objection. 

Sunil Sharma, a senior IAS officer who is the RTC-charged MD, said he was wrong to submit an affidavit to the High Court alleging.

Which is the opposition was conspiring to overthrow the government. He asked the court to take action on the false affidavit filed by Sunil Sharma as a sutta. 

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Uttam made it clear that they had no intention of destabilizing the state government.

Uttam questioned Sunil Sharma at whose urging the affidavit was filed in the High Court. He said the matter would be raised in the Lok Sabha. 

If there is evidence of a political conspiracy to destabilize the government, arrest him. 

Otherwise, Uttam has demanded that Sunil Sharma be dismissed immediately. He made it clear that they would continue their fight on behalf of RTC workers. 

The workers are dying. He was wrong about not having discussions with CM KCR with RTC workers.

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