Whatsapp announced two new features.

Whatsapp: Two new features in Whatsapp. Notification if Block.

Popular messaging app WhatsApp is set to launch two new features. It also features a notification like a block.

WhatsApp is getting ready to launch another feature in its app from time to time. 

However, unlike previous features, this feature is related to blocking. This is the feature that was brought in this time. 

If you have blocked someone before, their contact will look like a notification that you have blocked them. 

This means you can check whether they have blocked them or just opened the contact. However, this notification will not be visible to anyone you have blocked. 

This feature is currently available in the beta version of Android 2.19.332. WABetainfo also provides details on WhatsApp is from time to time.

Even if you have previously blocked their contact, you are not aware of them being blocked. This is because your contacts look similar to other contacts in the list. 

But now it looks like a notification style. So you can easily identify who blocked it.

WhatsApp also made another feature related to blocking. The numbers in your blacklist are divided into two categories: contacts and business. 

This is because some companies have started marketing their affiliates via WhatsApp. We block them to escape such unnecessary messages. 

Those contacts, however, can make you feel a bit cumbersome when the number of personal contacts you have blocked together. 

So WhatsApp made this feature available. By this, you can split the contacts blocked into Business and Personal. 

Companies come in your personal contacts and business section in the personal section. So you can easily find the contact you want.

Both are currently only available in the beta version. However, WhatsApp will provide the beta version to the general user soon so its features will be available soon.

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