Will Pakistan drown if it wins BJP?

Will Pakistan drown if it wins BJP? This is an innovative campaign.

The Maharashtra Assembly elections have begun will Pakistan drown if it wins BJP?. 

Candidates are actively campaigning and looking to impress voters. 

UP Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya, in his campaign, said that if he voted for the BJP, he would have a nuclear bomb on Pakistan. 

If the people choose the lotus symbol in the EVM, it would be a nuclear bomb on Pakistan.

In the Maharashtra Assembly elections, the people once again demanded that the BJP should take over. 

He expressed confidence that the BJP would win the election. 

Commenting on the possible repeal of Article 370, BJP said that the lotus symbol is a sign of growth. 

The BJP hopes this will be Modi’s first assembly election since Modi came to power a second time. 

With the BJP in power in Maharashtra and Haryana where the elections are being held, the BJP is trying to win anyway.

Moreover, the ruling BJP has insisted that it is a victory in the by-elections for the 11 seats in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly. 

The party leaders say that there will be unilateral results. Defeated opposition in the recent Lok Sabha elections is also hopeful of better results. 

110 candidates are in the fray for 11 seats. Both the BJP and the Congress leaders are confident about the success of their candidates. 

The success of this quadruple contest should not be overstated. 

The Maharashtra and Haryana assembly elections will be held on October 21. The election results will be revealed on October 24.

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