Woman sitting in her urine for 7 hour in Air Canada flight

A woman sitting in her urine for 7 hours, Journey for 7 hours in a seat, drenched with urine.

A bitter experience for who woman sitting in her urine for 7 hour

The flight crew did not allow her to use the toilet. This caused her to urinate in her seat. Sitting on it and reaching the destination.

Not just air travel. Now flight crews are also terrorizing passengers. Once upon a time, flight attendants were altered by etiquette, and there was a sense that someone else was after them. 

But, now days have changed. The staffing style has also changed. Employees who show patience is spotting passengers.

In the past, Indigo staff have reportedly gone viral when they attacked a passenger. 

Even after that, such events have taken place in many airlines. The latest Air Canada flight crew has been in the news for behaving inhumanly with a passenger.

A woman boarded a plane to Toronto. The staff obstructed the attempt to get to the toilet. 

The plane was stopped and the toilet was sent back to avoid use at this time. She tried to use the toilet once more as the plane did not move. 

However, this time, the staff obstructed her. The toilet was asked to be allowed approximately four times in two hours. She could not stop and urinate in her sitting seat.

Other travellers know that the matter is defamatory. She sat in that seat and travelled for seven hours. 

After landing in Toronto, I went to the hotel and changed clothes. She complained to Air Canada about this horrific incident. 

Officials said that they would investigate the matter. And as compensation, a flight voucher worth Rs.35,568 has given to the passenger.

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