World Egg Day, Eat on a regular basis

World Egg Day, Eat on a regular basis.

World Egg Day is held on the second Friday of October each year. 

Studies show that egg per capita consumption in the country is very low compared to developed countries. 

In 1996 the World Egg Day was held annually in Vienna. 

The urban population, which accounts for 25 per cent of the nation’s population, consumes an average of 100 eggs annually, while the rural population eats only 20 eggs on average.

One egg contains ten grams of protein, 07 grams of fat, 89 per cent water, and 210 grams of cholesterol and carbohydrates. 

Studies show that consuming six eggs a week reduces the risk of breast cancer in women by 50 per cent. 

When a white egg is mixed with a cup of milk, two spoonfuls of nectar are tossed out in the body.

It is recommended that pregnant women, lactates, young children, liver disease and tuberculosis eat the egg on a regular basis.

Uses: Eating an egg helps keep blood clots from getting in the way. No heart disease.

– Avoiding eye-related ailments. Improves brain function.

– Helps strengthen the nervous system.

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