YouTube Rules Change. Shock to video creators.

YouTube Rules Change. Shock to video creators.

New Rules: Some big companies like Youtube and Google. When the new rules are introduced, there are about 15 to 20 pages of conditions. 

They read the whole thing and say okay. Most people say they are okay without reading it. 

Many of the new rules that YouTube has made are okay. Are the rules shocking now?

Follow these precautions:

– Creators that no longer upload videos. Better to only upload quality videos.

– Uploading video. There should be more people to watch. Then it will have more ad revenue.

– If at least 10 thousand people watch any video. YouTube is the most preferred for such videos.

– Upload at least one video per week. YouTube ownership is considered to account active. 

These new rules also apply to websites. Google places ads on websites. 

Unless people click these ads big. Ad revenue is not much for the website. 

Google no longer removes ads for such websites. Also. 

Cancel Gmail and other services belonging to that person. This is a problem for website administrators.

The new rules are effective on December 10, 2019. Criticism of its decision. Causing trouble for small creators. 

Many say that big creators are favourites. Many ownership has voiced their objections on Twitter and Reddit.

The new rules mean that it will reach more and more content creators.

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