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16 Mobile Applications that I Use Everday

According to the survey, Indians usually spend 4.9 hours to 6 hours a day on their mobile phones. It might vary from person to person as per the requirement and affection. And I am one of those who is always on the phone and laptop, but not with time-passing stuff. My bad; everyone has their reasons for having this much screen time, and the same is mine. 

Mobile Applications are for gathering information, opportunities, and entertainment as well. As a Freelance Content Writer and creator, I always prefer Mobile Applications that help me connect with more people, provide me with newer opportunities, and entertain me at the pace of time. I never use bogus mobile applications with no productivity but with a lot of time consumption. Yes, you guessed it right. Prime examples are – TikTok, MOJO, GF BF sites, etc. Huh. 

16 Mobile Applications that I Use Everyday –

To get personalized and introduce myself to you all more, I am coming up with 16 Mobile Applications that I use every day. Yes, it’s not a sting operation. I am opening up in front of you all. This Blog will be full of fun, and I will be telling you about applications I use and how I use them. So, let’s start. 

All the mentioned 16 Mobile Applications I use daily are in descending order, meaning the apps on which I am primarily active are from top to bottom with the least average time spent. 

—(Source – Definitely not from Trust Me Bro, from Google PlayStore itself & attaching download link in all). 

  1. Instagram – 

One of my most used and favorite Mobile Applications is Instagram. It’s just wow. I love spending time on it for uploading stories & posts, connecting with new people, communicating with my close ones, exploring my Instagram Feed, searching/applying for new opportunities, and surfing reels. 

Instagram had developed much more than when I installed it, dating back to 2017 when only liking posts, uploading stories, and what most people didn’t know about chatting was in use. Instagram has become a GigaChad of Mobile Applications with over 5Billion+ downloads, 4.2-star ratings, and 144 Million user reviews.

Instagram allows you to explore more opportunities and, at the same time, enables you to become competent and even run your business. I use Instagram mainly for chatting, finding newer options, and for reels, of course. In my opinion, Instagram is one of the most beneficial mobile applications if used well. 

Google PlayStore link for Instagram – 

  1. WhatsApp – 

My next most used and favorite Mobile Application is WhatsApp. It’s one of the best chatting and conversation apps that allows you to connect with your loved ones via Video calls and Voice Call features. I use it mainly for conversation, uploading stories, and sharing details. 

WhatsApp was the first Mobile Application that introduced these calling features before other applications. WhatsApp is the next GigaChad of Mobile Applications, with around 1B+ downloads, 4.1-star ratings, and 11 Million user reviews. 

Google PlayStore link for WhatsApp –

  1. Indeed – 

Indeed is my favorite application, and that too for the opportunity role. Indeed is a hub from which you can apply to the numerous opportunities/jobs posted with your job preferences. Indeed, with 4.4-star ratings, 4M reviews, and around 100M downloads, it is best for job searches. 

Indeed, the mobile application allows you to post/find suitable jobs, have a track record on your applied application, and communicate with the recruiter/jobposter. I use this for applying for my Freelance Content Writer opportunities. One of the most positive feedback I want to give Indeed is that it is the fastest app where your application is reviewed quickly, within a few days and sometimes within a few hours. 

Google PlayStore link for Indeed –

  1. LinkedIn – 

LinkedIn is one of GigaChad as being largest Social Network apps for online and offline jobs. Yes, with massive downloads of 1Billion+ from Google PlayStore, LinkedIn also has 4.1-star ratings with 2M reviews. I use the LinkedIn Mobile Application because it has a familiar and easy-to-use user interface with Zero complexity. 

LinkedIn’s Mobile Application and Website have a user-friendly interface; anyone can apply and post for a job over LinkedIn. Users can use it here for any necessary and preferred position, and recruiters here are always active for the right clients. LinkedIn is not limited to job postings and applying, but you – as a user- can also post updates and communicate with anyone across the globe from LinkedIn. Yes, it’s free to use, but its premium version also has the advantage of directly connecting with big company recruiters. 

Google PlayStore link for LinkedIn – 

  1. Canva – 

One of the most brilliant and prominent editing apps I ever used is Canva. Canva is a Mobile Application used for editing and provides plenty of templates, features, and styles. With the free version, I can still create promising designs with HD and outstanding effects in my videos and photos. 

Canva has 100M+ downloads worldwide with 4.5-star ratings, 13M reviews, and a promising user interface. One thing I love about Canva is that it allows users to create designs in every format and keeps updating with its features, shapes, styles, and fonts. I love editing on Canva Mobile Application because, in less, it gives the best. 

Google PlayStore link for Canva – 

  1. Asana – 

The next app is Asana – A Mobile Application that can help you assign and manage team and individual projects without complications and interface problems. Yes, at first, it might look complex for first-time users, but soon after getting used to it, you can find that it is one of the best and simplest apps ever to manage tasks online. 

I use this app to get the tasks assigned from one of the companies I work for as a freelancer and trust me, Asana is the most effortless and prominent application ever to handle, manage, and assign tasks. You can communicate with your assigners via chat conversations, add plenty of people on the same project who are somehow associated with them, and enable mail alerts. 

One thing that I love the most about Asana is that its Desktop version and Mobile Application are both interconnected, which means there is no need to add the same thing multiple times; it will be updated on both handles whenever you post it, and you can use Asana anywhere, anytime and from any device. 

Google PlayStore link for Canva – 

  1. Hirect – 

Hirect is an impressive job/opportunity platform application where you can connect directly with company managers/owners. Yes, you heard it right. Hiret is a chat-based mobile-first direction hiring platform with the sole purpose of development to help startups and SMEs. 

I use Hirect and recommend you go through it. It’s just incredible. Within a short span, companies will notice you, and you can even communicate with them over chat conversation. It’s safe and secure and comes with prominent user interface. 

Hirect allows users – jobseekers, to contact leaders and CEOs and hire individuals without consultants directly. Around 10,000 fresh candidates register regularly, and about verified 1,20,000 startups actively hire individuals on the app. Hirect has 3.6-star ratings with 30k reviews and 5M+ downloads on Google PlayStore. 

Google PlayStore link for Hirect – 

  1. Instore – Instagram Downloader – 

Finally, my favorite one from which I keep uploading my Instagram stories and favorite videos/reels to WhatsApp and other sources after downloading them from Instore. Yes, you guessed it right. 

Instore is a third-party application whose sole purpose behind development is to help Instagram users download stories with music, videos/reels from Instagram feeds, and posts even from Instagram, not anonymously but after logging in from your main profile. I use it mainly for downloading my regular stories with songs from Instagram to share them on WhatsApp and other applications like Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Google PlayStore link for Instore – 

  1. Facebook –

Ahan, Facebook is a mobile application that gives us a glimpse into our childhood and past. Facebook is another giant social media application with around 5 Billion+ downloads, 4.0-star ratings, and 130M reviews. You can even look back to your past and previous postings of many years from Facebook as it keeps on recalling the memories, and I love seeing that precise feature of Facebook. Thanks for connecting everyone from an early age, Facebook. 

I have been using Facebook since childhood, and from 6th standard, yes, and since then, Facebook has updated quite well. Facebook is in 2nd position worldwide for being one of the best and most free-to-use social networking sites for its users. Here, you can post photos and videos, upload stories, and even have a marketplace to share your products/services. You can communicate with anyone anywhere globally with voice, chat, and video calling features. Facebook was among the first deliverables of calling services dating back to years.

Google PlayStore link for Facebook – 

  1. Telegram –

The next giant Social Media Application that I use in my daily life is Telegram. With around 1 Billion+ downloads, 4.2-star ratings, and 12M reviews, Telegram is a Mobile Application that constantly focuses on being simple, safe, and secure and can sync on all your devices simultaneously. 

I use Telegram only for Downloading movies sometimes and for less communication as most contacts are over Instagram and WhatsApp. Telegram, no doubt, is a fantastic mobile application, but it has enough job scammers, so be alert of these fraudsters. 

Google PlayStore link for Telegram – 

  1. Twitter

There was a time when being on Twitter was a big thing in itself, as according to our generation’s thought procedure, only celebrities were allowed to be on Twitter. Yes, you heard it right. We had this mindset then because Twitter was the least-used mobile application by students. I am talking about 8 to 9 years ago. 

I use Twitter to upload my Writings, Links, and tweets about current and political affairs. Twitter is the next big Social Media Mobile Application giant with 1 Billion + downloads, 4.2-star ratings, and 20M reviews. You can publish tweets, connect with trending topics worldwide, and keep your points in photos, videos, and textual interpretations on Twitter. You can follow your celebrities and loved ones over Twitter and communicate via chat. 

Google PlayStore link for Twitter – 

  1. Fiverr –

Fiverr is the next mobile application I use to provide my services to the world. Fiverr is a digital platform where Freelancers from across the globe can offer their services to any niche in the world, and people can hire freelancers of their choice according to the work preference they want. 

I use Fiverr to keep updating my Gigs and profiles and have to keep them available permanently. Till now, Fiverr has been downloaded by more than 10M people worldwide with 4.1-star ratings and 312k user reviews. Fiverr is no doubt a great platform to showcase your skills, but, in general, it has a lot of time issues means, you won’t be getting a quick interest on your Fiverr Gig, and it might go years unnoticed. 

Google PlayStore link for Fiverr – 

  1. Upwork –

Next, one of the best applications for Freelancers and Job seekers to find work from high-profile clients is Upwork. I use Upwork, and trust me; it’s the best one. It not only provides you with 100+ connections after a new login but also allows you plenty of opportunities to apply and also allows you to finalize who’s genuine and who’s not. 

I have used Upwork for months but already created an account years ago. The website and Mobile application of Upwork are both easy to use with a simple interface but have a lot of traffic, so it also has an excellent watch time. Upwork has 5M+ downloads, 4.1-star ratings, and 150k customer reviews on Google PlayStore, and I use it only for updating my profile and applying for extraordinary opportunities.

Google PlayStore link for Upwork – 

  1. Kite – Zerodha –  

Kite-Zerodha is a trading app that I use to learn and invest in ongoing trade and fluctuations in the Indian and international Markets. With around 10M+ downloads, 4.1-star ratings, and 322k user reviews on Google PlayStore, Zerodha allows its users to create an account for free and also will enable you to stock trade on your preferred companies with flat 20 rupees for F&O trading. 

Zerodha’s mobile application is easy to use and allows you to buy or sell stock within a second with your fingertip. Currently, I use Zerodha to learn trading and invest in Intraday to learn more and more about trading and the stock market. 

Google PlayStore link for Kite-Zerodha – 

  1. PI App – 

The PI application is the Next Mobile Application that I leave working on the Background in my Mobile and learning more about it. PI is a new digital currency that allows you to access and grow your PI holdings as a coin daily, enabling you to serve it as a host to your digital assets. 

One PI value is up to 50 dollars and will likely increase more with time. You can also refer your referral code to your close ones, where you can get one coin, and the downloader will also receive one coin and can mine together. 

Important –
If you are a person who loves diving deep into the never concept, then this is for you. As PI is an un-released currency, and that too with no investments, you can download it with my referral code, and you will get one coin instantly after the download and one coin for me. I am using it, and it’s free from scams and never asks for any investment. If you want another blog on how to use it, do contact me so that I can assist you with the same. All you need to do is leave it running on your Background. That’s it, and the PI value will keep on increasing. Don’t forget to use my Referral Code. 

Link with my Referral Code for PI –
I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 47 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link, and use my username (SiddhantJainSJ11) as your invitation code. 

  1. YouTube –  

I love watching YouTube, an entertainment giant whose mobile application is just wow. Youtube’s Desktop and mobile app version both comes with jaw-dropping features. With massive 10 Billion+ downloads, 4.1-star ratings, and 140M reviews, YouTube is a giant that allows users to watch videos of other YouTube users’ videos, blogs, and music. 

I use YouTube for gathering information, uploading initial stuff about me and related to me content in months, and for listening to music and watching videos with multiple genres, including – Horror, Crime, Movies, and the latest updates. YouTube’s mobile application and desktop version are just wow and have plenty of advantages of having zero boredom and the most packed entertainment. 

Also, YouTube is a source of income for many. It has plenty of milestones like 1 Million Subscribers, etc., and gifts for users to achieve any milestones with types of silver, golden, etc. buttons with their own tag, logo, and channel name. 

Google PlayStore link for Kite-Zerodha – 

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