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Awareness or Publicity Stunt? Poonam Pandey’s Fake Death Propaganda and short detail about Cervical Cancer. 

It’s finally February 2024 but still, India isn’t for beginners. Yes, India is not for beginners. Anything at any time can happen in India that most often surprises the whole nation and sometimes, proves useful. Such type of incident took place in starting of the month and shocked the whole nation where Actress and Model Poonam Pandey’s Instagram Account posted an update about her dying due to Cervical Cancer. Let’s dive deeper into the concept of – Awareness or Publicity Stunt. Poonam Pandey’s Fake Death Propaganda. 

Who’s Poonam Pandey – 

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Poonam Pandey is an Indian Model who was born on March 11, 1991, and began her career as a model in 2010. She often debuted in one of the Bollywood movies named – Nasha in 2013 and is an Erotic Actress as well. Yes, her semi-nude images across social media, mainly on Twitter, have gathered much media and public attention which made her step into the adult industry and even have her site and application. 

This Blog is not about her explicit content but, it’s about the step that she has taken recently in the name of Awareness or Publicity Stunt. It’s upon us whether to call it an attraction gatherer or for raising awareness. She calls this an awareness campaign because on the 4th of February, the whole world unites to raise awareness about Fundamental Cancerous Issues, and even WHO – World Health Organization, connects with the people to aware people more and more about the same. 

To be frank, since her death rumors, I was not sure about her death and due to knowing her tactics and way of getting attention, I knew somewhere and somewhat that it was a publicity stunt. My doubt went to heights when her manager posted this on the 1st of Feb and the 4th of February is Cancer Day. Not only this but, my doubt went to heights when there were no cremation activities nor any update or news about her Dead Body actual reason came into light as from known sources, I got to know that Cervical Cancer patients don’t die all of sudden. Let’s understand Cervical Cancer firstly and then, Poonam Pandey’s step toward awareness. 

What is Cervical Cancer? 

Cervical Cancer is one among many treatable cancers across the world that if not treated well on time, can even cause casualties. Approximately 5,70,000 women were diagnosed with Cervical Cancer and 3,11,000 women died due to it as per 2018’s survey. Cervical Cancer is caused in women only as it develops into Woman’s Cervix – an entrance via Vagina to the Uterus. 

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This image belongs to the respective owner. Taken just for Reference.

Approximately 99.9% of cases are due to intercourse with a person having an infection with HPV – Human Papillomaviruses. Yes, it’s caused due to intercourse only and is now the fourth most common cancer in women due to intercourse with infected or multiple partners, unpleasant healthy foods, and other segments. Cervical Cancer can be cured in the starting as well as in the last stage if treated well. Mostly, HPV infections are resolved with no symptoms but the greater the infection is, severe the chances of Cervical Cancer can increase.

For More Information about Cervical Cancer, please have a thorough read on – the World Health Organization’s dedicated Landing Page for the same. You can check more detailed information about Cervical Cancer here –

Awareness or Publicity Stunt? Poonam Pandey’s Fake Death Propaganda. 

One can’t resist the fact that whether to call it a Propoganda of Fake Death, Awareness, or Publicity Stunt, it had shaken the nation widely. I won’t be highlighting one perspective here but, will be bringing both sides of the coin respectively because as a responsible Content Writer, it’s my firm motive to present you my views with tactics, authorization, and truth.

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From Poonam Pandey’s Instagram Post – 3rd February, 2024.

Poonam Pandey is a big name in the film industry and also, across Social Media due to her several activities and controversies but what was shocking is that, her demise at a very young age of 32 years. Despite her explicit content, she is a down-to-earth personality who even often donates to needy causes, and loves people meeting her.  Just after hearing the news, we all went onto Google to search about – “Cervical Cancer” and what it is. To be frank, I never heard of this type of Cancer in my 26 years of life and that was the day when I got to know in detail about what it is. 

We all are aware of Women’s issues like – Periods, Menstruation, etc, and Cancers like – Breast and Cancer, Uterus Cancer, etc, but Cervical Cancer, its term, and the death of Poonam Pandey (Concerning that day’s feelings and shock) have made us google it down and understood the concept. Very few of us were aware of Cervical Cancer and her death even at the age of 32 and as she was fit and fine, it was shocking news for all of us and was difficult to digest. 

Again, I am not taking her side because the way that she chose was so inhuman as she played with the emotions of Indian Citizens. Yes, death isn’t a joke or a meant for the publicity stunt as death indeed is a very critical and serious term in itself. Death must not be used for fake awareness, political or publicity stunts, and also, for propaganda and attention. But, this decision has made people aware of the same, and people in reality, have acknowledged what in general, this Cervical Cancer is all about and how it spreads. 

Her way of proving and acknowledging an alarming and concerning issue was pathetic, unacceptable, and wrong. Posting about your death while being a Celebrity and then, clarifying with an Instagram Post titled – “I am Alive” is indeed one of the most shocking and unpleasant ways of awareness and that’s the reason why Poonam Pandey and her PR Team are facing a backlash from the whole nation. 

Instead of Fake Death Propaganda, what did Poonam Pandey opt for? 

Playing with one’s emotions is already one of the most unsettling activities and occurrences that every person faces in his or her lifetime due to another one’s activity and here as a Celebrity, Poonam Pandey played with her friends, followers, and fans, indeed is a crime. No one has the right to play with anyone’s emotions, whether they are an individual or a celebrity. But just like each coin has two sides, Poonam Pandey’s death propaganda, too does have two faces. 

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Poonam Pandey’s PR Team posted an update stating about her untimely death which in turn, wasn’t digested and proved wrong as it was an awareness for – Cervical Cancer.

One face is of – Poonam Pandey played with the emotions of many and on the other hand, her step leads to the nation acknowledging a serious and concerning topic of – Cervical Cancer. I guess on the 1st-2nd of February until her news of being alive came, almost every known or unknown person searched for that term which indirectly made awareness about such disease among Indian Citizens. It was indeed a publicity stunt made purposely to create awareness but has impacted wisely as people now know about such types of cancers and even might have started taking steps to prevent such diseases from occurring. 

Instead of fake death propaganda, Poonam should have taken steps like – Charitable Awareness or a Speech at any respective Schools and Colleges to increase awareness. Also, she could have done an interview or any type of talk show where, she would have invited people dealing with Cervical Cancers and also, people who have fought from Cervical Cancer to raise awareness. The path that she chose was wrong but has left an impact that they eventually have thought about before taking such a step. 

I leave the discussion among you guys and continue your debate and your points in the comment section of this Blog. I would love to hear from you guys and also, you can provide me with your favored topics too on which, you want my next Blog to be. 

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Take Care. Jai Jinendra. Jai Hind. 🇮🇳

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