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Borrell warns that “there is no military solution” in Gaza without a political strategy

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, warned this Monday that “there is no military solution” in Gaza without a political strategy, ensuring that Europe has to get involved in the “last opportunity” to revive the process of peace for a two-state solution.

At the annual conference of EU ambassadors, the bloc’s Foreign Minister argued, in reference to Israel, that “there is no military solution” to the conflict in Gaza, after the unprecedented attack launched by Hamas on October 7. .

In his opinion, without a political strategy the battle against terrorism cannot be won and even if Hamas were expelled from the Strip, the conflict in the Occupied Palestinian Territories would not be resolved. “Overreaction is understandable but it is not effective,” he stressed.

“There is no successful military mission without a political strategy behind it,” Borrell defended, insisting that Israel’s military campaign must adhere to International Law and that there be humanitarian pauses to allow the flow of humanitarian aid to the Strip. “Ignoring the human cost can ultimately be counterproductive,” she noted.

In this sense, the head of European diplomacy explained to the EU ambassadors that the situation in the Middle East is a “turning point in history” and lamented that the “tragedy” is a “political and moral failure.” in which Palestinians and Israelis “pay a high price”, which will continue to increase due to the lack of will to resolve the conflict for decades.

For all these reasons, he has assured that Europe must promote a peace solution to the conflict, insisting that the West is facing the “last opportunity” to channel the exit of two States. “If we do not succeed we will be in a spiral of violence and mutual hatred for generations,” she said, making reviving the peace process a priority.

Borrell has reflected on the “illusion” represented by the so-called ‘Abraham Accords’, facilitated by the United States for the normalization of Israel’s relations with several Arab countries, ensuring that Europe thought it could overcome the conflict. “The conflict is not an issue between Arabs and Israelis, it is a struggle of civilizations,” he indicated at the conference that brings together the ambassadors of the 145 EU delegations and offices around the world.


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