SportsWe stand by you, Team India, our Beloved Blue Jersey. You are...

We stand by you, Team India, our Beloved Blue Jersey. You are not alone. We all are one!

Disclaimer – This Blog is not like previous and upcoming blogs but is solely dedicated to our Indian Heroes, Team India, and Our Indian Players. This Blog is about gratefulness for having them. 

19-11-2023 was the unfortunate night when we witnessed a trauma continuing to haunt each of our souls, Indian’s soul. Indian Cricket Team, or ICT, lost their final Match of WorldCup against Australia with a drastic flow of events. It was unimaginable because, as a die-heart Indian Cricket Fan, I have seen our Indian Players performing so well throughout the World Cup with 10 Enormous and Glorious wins. 

After this, as Indians, it’s each of our duty, pledge, and priority to support our Team India, the guys in Blue Jersey, in every way possible despite being a crackhead abusing them and their families with life threats and rapes. We have already witnessed the unforgettable inhuman behavior of some idiot Indian citizens ramming Anushka Sharma – Virat Kohli’s Wife and Actress, profile and calling her the reason behind the loss in 2019 after losing the World Cup finals and with other cricketer’s family. 

If winning is one, then why is losing just for them? If they Win, it’s the Win for the whole Country, and if it’s a fail, it’s a loss only for them. Which type of selfishness is this and that, too, with our Beloved Indians who represent India? Have some respect and sense, and don’t be idiotic like a few opposition parties who are just slamming players and Prime Minister Of India baselessly into this to seek and rage a political agenda. 

They are celebrities, but that doesn’t mean they are public property. Just imagine this happening with your family; what will be your call? This is an inhuman act, and our Indian Jersey players don’t deserve this as they have invested their time, passion, love, and their bodies to keep us entertained. Our players play so well throughout the tournament, and one bad day is enough to change the faith but not the morality, so please be calm.  

What could have made India Win WorldCup 2023? 

India has won 10 matches, and this one, too, was in the favor, but as it is said, luck can fade anytime, and sadness can approach time without any announcement. India was undefeated throughout the World Cup Campaign with an impressive ten matches winning, but what people are now focusing is only on Sunday’s loss, and that’s one of the most pathetic thinking that many sections of society still have. 

Let’s learn about the possibilities, but before that, I want to mention that as a true Indian and Indian Cricket Team fan, I target no one and, even not the team as they played and defended well. It’s just a matter of time, and of course, this happens with each of us. Hence, the Blue Jersey people, too, are the Humans. 

  1. Possibility Number – 1 – 

The Main reason India lost was that the Score was too low on Ahmedabad’s batting pitch; this is the reason behind the no falls of Australia’s wicket. Just with 3 wickets, Aussie players were in danger, but due to their luck, our Indian bowlers could not take wickets except for 3 during the Start and 4th one before the one ball ahead of victory.

(Again, I’m not highlighting anyone as they deserve love, support, and appreciation, not hate. Be a sensible enough.)

  1. Possibility Number – 2 – 

The total would be top-notch if Rohit Sharma were on the crease for more time. No doubt he had done his work of bombarding Australia in the playoffs, but his presence and way of batting are impactable and need to be appreciated. Rohit Sharma is not wrong here as he has done his work, and I want to smash those abusing him for no reason – His same spell was from the previous 10 matches, and there, India was winning. Why the hell none of you ever told about why he is getting out and pulling shots when not needed? Kindly keep this hypocrisy to yourself. 

  1. Possibility Number – 3 – 

If Shubhman Gill, as an Opener, had played well and supported the Captain and the man on the crease himself – The Ro-Hit Sharma, then indeed, the possibilities of a big score and India winning the cup would have been great. There’s no doubt in his abilities as he is among the top scorers this World Cup, and everything is about time, and unfortunately, that Final Match Day was not his time. He was too excited to smash Australia as he had told in an interview that he hates Aussies and (to be frank, we all do) and wants to beat them in the World Cup with the help of his bat. No problem, Champ, you will in the future. 

  1. Possibility Number – 4 – 

India must have won the Match if Shreyas Iyer could have played well as a one-down player. His bat-hitting sixes and fours are why India scored a big score, as he is known for playing aggressively after a few balls and runs. It’s just because we all know his potential, and if he hadn’t gotten out in the way he got, we could have won the Match. 

  1. Possibility Number – 5 – 

Virat Kohli, the legend in himself, the run-chaser and run-machine, has no doubt played so well as he is the highest scorer of ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 with around 774 runs, followed by Ro-Hit, Shubhman Gill, Shreyas Iyer, and KL Rahul. Virat Kohli’s presence is enough to fear the opponent team, and his half-centuries significantly impact the game. Due to the wicket’s inside edge, his wicket was much more brutal than the breakup, which was witnessed with acute sorrow throughout the Stadium. If his century had come in the Final Match, then there have been a 100 percent chance of India winning the World Cup. 

  1. Possibility Number – 6 – 

The sixth reason India lost was the run gap between the mid-overs due to a lack of boundaries and smashing hits by KL Rahul, known for his selfless, impressive knocks. He is a diamond for India, but this time, due to being nervous or whatever reason, he didn’t play well and ended up just wasting enough balls with no boundaries and scoring runs that he is capable of. He played the ODI that day as if it was the Test Series due to being under peer pressure, and that’s not a good sign, of course. 

  1. Possibility Number – 7 – 

Last but not least, our talented Sky, aka Surya Kumar Yadav, capable of taking the Score to the heights with his aggressive playing style, failed to perform his duty with his bat. Again, I am not highlighting or disrespecting anyone, but if he bated well, the Score could have been higher and difficult for Australia to chase. 

  1. Possibility Number – 8 – 

The main reason was – Richard Kettleborough. You may find me childish for highlighting him or saying he was the reason behind the loss, but yes, he is, and I know. For years, it has been witnessed that he was the reason India lost, as his decisions and calls were most often biased and wrong. Travis Head’s LBW was a sure-out this time, but he claimed it to be a Not Out, and Review went into the Umpire’s call. I hate this person; he doesn’t deserve to be the Umpire. 

Indian Team’s Domination throughout World Cup – 

Again, This section is a big slap to all crying like hell and abusing the Indian Team for just one loss. I know that one loss is significant, but that doesn’t open doors to hate, use our players, and tell them all the worst. Have a look – 

  • India won 10 matches back to back without a single loss, which means their spirit, potential, and playing techniques were already top-notch. They didn’t deserve to lose but unfortunately got loose. Just imagine their pain and suffering. We all have witnessed the Match from Home and Stadium, but they played the game. Just for a moment, feel for them, feel their sorrow and disbelief. 
  • The most successful Captain of the Tournament was Rohit Sharma. He made India win all 10 matches and proved his successful captaincy in several crucial cricket moments. Despite admiring him for all these, some idiots are using abusive words for him and judging his captaincy. Where were you at the time of those 10 wins? I know none of you have ever congratulated and praised him for the same; then, you have no right to slam him during failure. 
  • Most Single sixes are from our Ro-Hit Sharma, Indian Cricket Team Captain Rohit Sharma only. He had smashed 31 sixes, much higher than many other country players’ careers in a single tournament. Just look at the states, understand the potential and reach, and feel ashamed for calling him VadaPao, etc. If you can’t respect, don’t open your Mouth. 
  • Most runs in World Cup 2023 were of Virat Kohli, the man himself with 765 runs and several milestone accomplishments. Yes, whether to call him Run-Machine or the Chase-Master, he has completely dominated the whole World Cup Campaign with his impressive and brutal knocks with 3 Centuries and 9 fifties. This is unbelievable for a single player, and he had done it all. He also broke the record of Master Blaster, The God Of Cricket, Mr. Sachin Tendulkar’s most ODI record of 49 with his 50 altogether Centuries. And even after this, if India doesn’t win, it’s not his fault as he had given more than 100 percent in all formats, not only in ODI. 
  • Most Wickets in World Cup 2023 were taken by our Indian Blue Jersey player – Mohammad Shami. Yes, he has taken 24 impressive and brutal wickets, and that too in 7 matches, as he was not on the team for the first 4 matches. Imagine his form as the opposite players were terrified by him as he is an expert in taking wickets in death and playovers. 

You can’t just imagine the pain our Indian Cricket Team, our beloved Blue Jersey, is going through, and despite standing with them, few idiots and politicians chose to stand against them. For what? Just for the loss? They have contributed everything and still lose, so it’s not their fault. I agree there were plenty of mistakes during the Finals by the team, but common yar, they do not deserve this. Please leave them alone if you can’t support them, and if you do so, then stand with them and share this Blog with everyone to make them realize the importance of togetherness and support. 

Conclusion –

I know it’s clingy now to hear this most often – It’s just a Game, but no, buddy, it’s not just a Game; it’s an emotion and not less than a Devotion. I have heard news stating that unit Test exams have been postponed for the World Cup Finals, Social Gatherings have been Postponed, etc, and this is what Cricket has achieved: a loyal fanbase. But I also want to add some disheartening facts that I have witnessed since the World Cup final ended. 

People with no experience in Cricket and just sitting in their AC rooms or from the Stadium are ramming on the Indian Players and asking them to play IPL and all. Is this what your moralities are? Bruh, Gully Cricket and playing for Nationals and Internationals are two significant things. It’s so easy to tell, but it’s too challenging to face a 100+ kmph speed ball there. It looks so simple due to the net, but you generally can’t stand just for one ball. So you must chill now and respect every Blue Jersey, aka Indian Cricket Team’s personnel. They, too, are the humans who don’t deserve this. They have entertained us so far for ten big matches, and you will demoralize and abuse them just by one loss? Have some shame and respect. 

I will share how few Idiotic Indian Cricket Team fans responded from outside the Stadium to the Home in my Instagram Stories. Be there to feel the outrage, I currently think. I feel sorrow for all this and wanna ask Indian Cricket Team to forgive these morons and step stronger ahead next time. We all trust you and have faith in you. 
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Gallery Of Indian Cricket Team.

371767 1
Virat KohliThe Run Machine, Chase Master won the Player of the
Tournament Award
. Deep Down, he is not happy, and it’s visible.
We are with you, King.
Rohit SharmaThe Indian Cricket Team Captain and the Smasher with
Sachin Tendulkar – The God Of Cricket, and Jay Shah, BCCI Secretary.
We are with you, Captain.
Moment of Disbelief when Richard KettleboroughThe Umpire gave not out
to the Travis Head’s LBW.
The Indian team led by Rohit Sharma lines up for the national anthem
Team India lines up for the National Anthem. Pic is from previous Matches,
as Hardik PandyaIndia’s all-rounder, was injured during the starting matches.
Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, and Sir Ravindra Jadeja are in the frame.
99 ODI Centuries in one frame. 49 of Sachin Tendulkar, 50 of Virat Kohli.
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