NewsAsiaIran claims to have dismantled Mossad "sabotage" against its defense industry

Iran claims to have dismantled Mossad “sabotage” against its defense industry

Tehran assures that the “complicated plan” was based on the delivery of defective parts for the manufacture of missiles

The Iranian authorities have affirmed this Thursday that they have dismantled a “sabotage” against its defense industry, an incident that they have attributed to a “complicated plan” devised by the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence services.

Sources from the Intelligence Department of the Ministry of Defense have pointed out that “during the last few months, a totally professional network that had planned to deliver defective parts to the supply chain for the production of advanced missiles”, something that would have been carried out “with the cooperation of some infiltrated elements”.

Thus, it has specified that the members of this network “fell into a trap prepared by the Intelligence forces”, which has allowed the group “to be dismantled”, without there being any details on the number of detainees for now, as The Iranian news agency Mehr has reported.

These sources have indicated that the Mossad was behind the plan, which he accuses of “trying to sell these parts to convert the rockets manufactured into explosive devices to damage industrial lines and injure employees working in this field.”

“Despite this very complicated plot designed by the Zionist enemy, the action was under Intelligence supervision from the beginning and was completely neutralized after the arrest of its agents,” they concluded. For its part, the television network Press TV has published images of these supposedly defective parts.

The announcement came just a few hours after the Iranian Intelligence Ministry claimed to have dismantled several “terrorist and sabotage cells” allegedly linked to Israel, operations carried out in recent days that reportedly resulted in the arrest of close of 15 suspects.


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