NewsAsiaKyrgyzstan bans TikTok app to "protect" minors

Kyrgyzstan bans TikTok app to “protect” minors

The Ministry of Culture, Information, Sports and Youth of Kyrgyzstan has banned the TikTok application nationwide this Wednesday to “protect” the mental health of minors from a social network that “causes addiction” to younger generations.

“TikTok immerses the user in a virtual world of short videos. After watching them, teenagers try to repeat certain clips and some of them represent a risk to life,” the Culture Ministry said in a statement collected by the news agency. AKIpress news.

During an evaluation carried out by experts, the Kyrgyz authorities have concluded that the application does not restrict sensitive content to minors and does not have strict age control. The measure, as highlighted by the Ministry, will be carried out “in line with the legislation.”

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew admitted in March before the United States Committee on Energy and Commerce that the platform collects and analyzes the videos posted by users to determine their age whenever it suspects they are minors, DPA reported.


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