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Russia insists on a ceasefire in the Middle East

Kremlin spokesman Dimitri Peskov stressed this Thursday that it is necessary to agree on a ceasefire between Israel and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), as well as not just condemn one of the two parties in the conflict.

“Diplomatic efforts must continue,” emphasized Peskov, who regretted that none of the resolutions presented to the United Nations Security Council have been approved.

“We must strive to reach a balanced option together,” insisted the spokesperson, for whom the option presented by Moscow represents a better solution to the conflict. “We must ask everyone for a ceasefire and we cannot only condemn the actions of one of the parties,” he said.

Peskov has also expressed concern about the deployment of weapons, military equipment and troops by the United States to the region. The latest, the sending of F-16 combat aircraft, which are added to the two aircraft carriers, several warships and up to 2,000 troops.

“This is a reason to which we pay a lot of attention,” said Peskov, who confirmed that they are “closely monitoring the situation in the region”, although he rules out for the moment that said deployment is posing some type of “provocation” towards the Russian part.


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