40 year old cancellation: Iran woman committed suicide

40-year-old cancellation: Iran woman committed suicide.

A young woman committed suicide, 40-year-old cancellation: woman committed suicide causing on Iran government to come down

Sahar is aware of Iranian law that prohibits women from entering playgrounds. Still, she wanted to watch a football match.

Many women around the world are very easily satisfied with this wish for Sahar. In March of the same year, Sahar’s favourite team landed on the field. 

She wore men’s clothing to watch the match anyway. Put on a blue wig and wear a long overcoat.

It then headed towards Azad Stadium in Tehran. But before she went inside the stadium, she was arrested by security forces. 

The court summons Sahar for the offence. She set herself outside the courthouse and attempted suicide. She died in hospital two weeks after receiving treatment.

After Sahar’s death, there was a frenzy on social media. Pressure on Iran to lift the ban on women entering the stadium has increased. 

Many women in Iran were part of this movement. Everyone on social media has stood up against the Iranian government.

Iran is down. Promising to allow more than 3,500 female fans to watch the football match against Cambodia soon.

On October 4, the Iranian Football Federation confirmed that FIFA had promised to allow Iranian women to watch the football match at Tehran’s Azadi Stadium on October 10.

Tickets sold out within the hour

Initial arrangements were made to sell tickets to women. According to the Irena news agency, all those tickets were sold out within an hour. 

Woman in stadium

The stadium is also expanding to seat women for the World Cup quarter-finals in 2022.

According to Irena, three additional rows were set up in the stadium for women to sit on.

These seat tickets have already sold out. That means at least 3500 women come to the stadium to watch the match.

Reuters said FIFA officials had said that a total of 4600 tickets were available for women and that demand could not be higher.

The stadium can seat hundreds of thousands. FIFA also said that Tehran would send their supervisors to see if women were allowed to watch the match.

The Blue Girl

Sahar Khodiyari, a 29-year-old football fan from Iran committed suicide. Sahar was arrested before heading to the stadium. 

the blue girl, Sahar Khodayari
The Iranian football fan, who died this week after setting herself on fire protesting a ban on women entering stadiums.

International pressure on Iran to allow women to go to the stadium after the death of Sahar to watch the match.

Sahar is known collectively as ‘The Blue Girl’. Her favourite team is ‘Esteglal Football Club’. It’s Color Blue. 

That is why Sahar was known as the Blue Girl. Sahar committed suicide by burning his shit last month. Her body burned 90 per cent.

Iran, a traditional Shia Muslim country, has banned women’s entry into the stadium after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. 

Islamic religious elders argue that women should not do so because they “do not see the atmosphere of men and men who are barely dressed.”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has promised to bring ‘modern values’ to Iranian society. But he almost failed to do it. In Iran, women are still living as second-class citizens in the country.

“Where women decide their fate and undermine their basic rights. Women are part of the dictatorship of men. 

We are all responsible for the burning of girls’ toes,” reformist Iranian MP Parawaneh Salah Shourie said on Twitter.

Frustrated after his arrest

After Sahar’s death, activists fighting for women’s rights in Iran became very active. 

Despite the Pahlavi dynasty’s rule and the coming to power of the Islamic Republic, Iranian women have been plagued by discriminatory laws for the past 8 decades.

Sahar was fed up after his arrest. She was later released on bail. She was accused of violating public decency and insulting the security forces for not wearing the hijab.

The court summons Sahar on September 2. She said she could be sentenced to six months in prison.

“Also said I was fed up with everything. She set herself on fire,” said Sahar’s sister, who spoke to Iran’s Roksana News.

Leave the decision to ourselves

Iranian women volunteered for the Open Stadium Movement. There have also been articles in the international media about Sahar’s death. 

Then came the motion in FIFA. FIFA chairman Gianni Infantino said: “Our attitude is clear. Women should be allowed to walk into the stadium.”

According to CII World Factbook Statistics, 60 per cent of Iran’s 8 million people are under the age of 30.

In Iran, there is a ban on Facebook and Twitter in terms of technology. But more and more young people are using the virtual private network to ignore the ban.

According to the Washington Post Freedom House 2018 Study, 60 per cent of Iranians use the Internet. This is why the movement has spread so rapidly on social media.

After the Islamic Revolution in 1979, many laws were imposed on women in Iran. But this time the government had to bend its neck. 

In the reign of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, women were told to cover their hair. The authority to file talaq for women was also withdrawn.

Women are also banned from wearing tight clothes.

Sahar Khodayari

Iran also has a ban on alcohol and music. Women now want to give up their right to dress according to Islamic laws.

40-year-old cancellation: Iranian women into the stadium.

The Iranian government has set a new history. Four decades later, women will be allowed to watch football matches in Iran on the field. 

In fact, women have not had access to football stadiums in Iran for the past 40-year-old cancellation.

The government has decided to allow women fans into stadiums after FIFA warned that Iran would be deported from international football if it did not amend the provisions that would bar women’s freedom. 

The 2022 World Cup Qualifier match between Iran and Cambodia will be held at Azadi Stadium on Thursday.

Iranian women are going to fight in this qualifier match. The match tickets were running out within an hour of being placed online. 

FIFA said thousands of girls bought tickets. The Iranian government has recently announced that it will also allow women to watch football matches at stadiums after 40-year-old cancellation.

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